Automated Signing of Secured Mobile Apps

In this section of the Appdome Knowledge Base, learn use the Automated Signing of Secured Mobile Apps features in Appdome's DevSecOps automation platform for faster DevSecOps. Automated code signing helps mobile developers avoid code signing errors, perform signing validation, and eliminate false positive anti-tampering defenses in the DevSecOps pipeline. Appdome offers three options for signing secured mobile apps, including (1) sign on Appdome, (2) private signing (for Appdome sealed apps), and (3) APIs and Plugins to DevOps CI/CD platforms for automated code signing in DevOps CI/CD. All app singing includes hardened v2 and v3 signing schemes and tamper proof app signing and sealing for Android & iOS apps. If you don't find what you're looking for in this section of the knowledge base, enter your inquiry in the search field or contact

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