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Appdome Mobile License Stats include a license key to track and audit installs that is unique to the user that created the build. The user identifier (which is actually an application identifier rather than a device identifier) is anonymous and not PII (Personally identifiable information). The only information Appdome receives is when an Appdome-secured app is deployed to a device. No mobile end-user data is transmitted or conveyed to Appdome. Only a license key attributable to the Appdome-Admin user is transmitted.

User identifiers and data gathered by Appdome Mobile License Stats

Appdome Mobile License Stats send data to Appdome based on user events. Those pre-defined events are caused, usually, as the result of user interaction; for example, when a customer first uses a fused app on a new mobile device or initially exits from a fused app.

The user identifiers received from Appdome Mobile License Stats:

  • App Build Number
  • App Version
  • App Bundle ID
  • Appdome engine version
  • Appdome build app identifier
  • Appdome customer identity (Appdome account who built the app)
  • Mobile device brand and carrier
  • Mobile device manufacturer
  • Mobile device model type
  • Operation system (Android/ iOS) and version
  • Location of the event sender
  • Time event occurred

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