How to Validate SSO Configurations in Mobile Apps

Last updated January 24, 2024 by Appdome

This Knowledge Base Article describes how you can use an iOS app available from Appdome to validate SSO configuration in mobile apps.  After establishing the connectivity you can enhance your app with this SSO connection. To assist users with the SSO troubleshooting process, Appdome has created an app called SSO Slim.  This app assists in troubleshooting and validating SSO configurations in mobile apps.

Prerequisites for Using SSO Slim to Validate SSO Configurations in Mobile Apps

  • The SSO Slim app (available upon request at or via the chat window on the Appdome platform.)
  • Mobile iOS device that can access your configured SSO through the network.
  • The SSO login URL.
  • Appdome account.
  • Setup Mail on your iOS device to send JSON.

Guide to Troubleshooting Built App Connections to Hosts

After receiving the SSO Slim App from the Appdome Service Delivery team, you can Build it on Appdome with all of the features in your SSO use case.  Here is a helpful article on Building apps with all desired features on Appdome end to end.

After Signing the Built app, Deploy it to an iOS device.

5 Easy Steps to Validate SSO Configurations in Mobile Apps

Please follow these 3 easy steps to validate SSO configurations in mobile apps using the Appdome SSO Slim app for iOS:

  1. Launch the SSO Slim app.
  2. Enter the app login URL.
  3. Click Settings in the app.
    • This is where you can Clear Cache and Cookies and Change User Agent in the SSO Slim app.
  4. Click Start.
    • This is where you can see if the app login URL is accessible to an app if it navigates to a login page.
    • If it doesn’t navigate you can gather logs at this point to see more information.
  5. Click Set Hub to change the Hub URL that the app is connecting to.

validating SSO configuration in mobile apps using appdome test app

Testing the app login:

  1. After clicking Start with your app login URL, type in an app account if the app login page navigates.
  2. Then click Sign In
    • If you’d like to test with ADFS, click With ADFS
  3. If the app login completes successfully your app is ready to be Built with SSO
  4. You can click Stop at this point and you’ll gain a JSON that can be emailed.

validating sso configuration

Viewing the JSON from SSO Slim:

  1. The JSON from the email can be opened with Xcode, Text Wrangler, or another text viewing app.
  2. In the JSON you can see the results of the Sending request to this app login URL.
  3. With this Sending request, there will also be a GET request to the URL that you can view details on.
  4. In this JSON, you can also see details on the connection request to the app login URL with certificate results.

How Do I Learn More?

If you have any questions, please send them our way at or via the chat window on the Appdome platform.

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