How to Integrate Appdome and AzureAD with OAuth2.0 Login

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This guide provides instructions for the integration of Appdome and AzureAD with OAuth2.0 Login.

Azure AD (Active Directory) is Microsoft’s flagship cloud identity service, which assists developers in managing user identities and creating intelligence-driven access policies to secure the resources that mobile apps require in order to function.


Appdome uses AzureAD with OAuth2.0 login:

Appdome requires the following permissions:

  • User.Read
  • profile

Appdome extracts the following information from Azure:

  • givenName surname
  • email
  • jobTitle
  • mobilePhone
  • companyName
  • countryISOCode
  • profileImage

Integrating Appdome with Azure AD

To integrate Appdome with Microsoft AzureAD:


  1. Go to Microsoft Azure and navigate to the Enterprise Applications service.
    Enterprize Applications Button
  2. Within the Enterprise Application service, search for the object id: 27db11d5-92d4-4f26-879f-fd047be62053
  3. Add Appdome’s Fusion application.
    Image 20231022 084157
  1. Navigate to the Permissions tab.
  2. Click on application registration in order to access API permissions.
    Application Registration
  3. Within the API permissions section, grant the following permissions to the application:
    • User.Read
    • Profile
      Api Permissions Page
  4. Navigate back to the Permissions tab.
    The granted permissions list is displayed.
  5. Optionally, click Grant admin consent for AppDome to grant consent to all users in your organization when logging into Appdome.
    Grant Admin Consent for Appdome
  6. Navigate to the Properties tab.
    Properties Tab
  7. Toggle on Enabled for users to sign in? to activate the integration.
    Enable Users Sign In Toggled on
  1. Toggle on Assignment Required if you would like to provide access only to employees who are registered to Appdome’s platform.
    Note: If this setting is toggled off (disabled), any user within your company with a Microsoft account could log in to Appdome’s platform.

Note: It is possible to create a group and allow all users inside the group to log in. For more information, contact Appdome Support.

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