How to Configure Workspace ONE for Secure Enterprise Apps

Last updated January 25, 2024 by Appdome

Appdome’s integration with VMWare Workspace ONE SDK offers a comprehensive way for deploying enterprise apps. This approach utilizes VMWare Workspace ONE (AirWatch) SDK, Analytics and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

After you’ve created a Workspace ONE VMware environment, the next step is to configure Workspace ONE to align with the security requirements of your enterprise applications. This configuration is a crucial step before adding and deploying enterprise applications built with the VMWare Workspace ONE (AirWatch) SDK.

How to Configure Workspace ONE for Secure Enterprise Apps

  1. Sign in to your Workspace ONE UEM account
  2. Navigate to Resources
  3. Click on Profiles & Baselines > SDK Profiles
    Sdk Profiles
  4. Click ADD PROFILE
  5. Select Configuration Type: SDK Profile
  6. Select a platform: Android/iOS
  7. Click Next
    Note: iOS and Android both need to be added for iOS Enterprise Apps and Android Enterprise Apps
    Select Configration
  8. Specify a name for your Android/iOS Profile
  9. General

  10. Click Restrictions
  11. Enable Data Loss Prevention
  12. Click Save



How to Configure VMWare Workspace ONE (AirWatch) Tunnel

  1. Go to Groups & Settings > Configuration
  2. Enter the name Tunnel
  3. Click on the name Tunnel
  4. Configurations 2

  5. On Workspace ONE, enter the Hostname and Port of the previously configured Workspace Tunnel into your New Tunnel Configuration.
  6. Click Download Installer


  1. Select Workspace ONE Tunnel
  2. Specify your server platform
  3. Select the latest app version
  4. Filter by Console Version
  5. Setup the Workspace ONE Tunnel on your server
    • You can browse My Workspace ONE for resources on setting up the Workspace ONE Tunnel
  6. Click Save

Screenshot 2024 01 21 At 16.38.42

Verify that AirWatch App Tunnel in Enabled

  1. Go to Groups & Settings > All Settings
  2. Groups & Settings

  3.  Click on Apps > Settings and Policies > Security Policies
  4. Setting& Policies

  5. Verify that AirWatch App Tunnel is enabled
  6. Select VMware Tunnel – Proxy for App Tunnel Mode
  7. Click Save

Airwatch App Tunnel

How to Add Configured VMware Tunnel to iOS/Android SDK Profiles

  1. Navigate to Resources> Profiles & Baselines –>SDK Profiles
  2. Select the Profile you previously created for iOS/Android
  3. Click on the Profile Name
     Sdk Profiles33
  4. Select Proxy
  5. Select Enable App Tunnel
  6. Select VMware Tunnel Proxy for App Tunnel Mode
  7. Specify App Tunnel URLs
    • You can specify *.* for all domains to go over the VMware Tunnel.
  8. Click Save


Modifying or Configuring Authentication Type That Is Used with Uploaded Enterprise Apps

  1. On Workspace ONE, go to Groups & Settings > All Settings
  2. Go to Apps > Settings and Policies
  3. Click Security Policies
  4. Modify Authentication Type for Enterprise Apps
    • Authentication Type will be used with all Enterprise Apps
  5. You can Disable it, set Passcode, or enable Username and Password for recurring authentication with apps deployed through VMWare Workspace ONE (AirWatch)
  6. Click Save

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