How to use Appdome's OneShield: Anti-Tampering

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What is OneShield Anti-Tampering?

OneShield Anti-Tampering is a security solution aimed at preventing unauthorized modifications (or tampering) of a mobile app. Appdome’s Anti-Tampering solution ensures the apps (apk/aab/ipa) files stay securely protected.

Why is OneShield Anti-Tampering Essential?

Tampering with applications can have severe repercussions, leading to compromised security, unauthorized access to sensitive data, and altered application functionality that can degrade user trust and experience. These unauthorized interventions might also introduce vulnerabilities, making applications susceptible to further attacks or exploitation. Anti-tampering measures act as a formidable line of defense against such threats. They ensure the app’s integrity by preventing modifications to its code or structure, safeguarding its original digital signatures from being replaced, and securing key components from unsanctioned alterations. By employing anti-tampering mechanisms, applications are not only shielded from these threats but also continue to operate as originally intended, ensuring user trust and data security.

Mobile Anti-Tampering protects against the following static and dynamic modifications to the application:

  • Re-signing the application.
  • Attempting to Modify the Appdome adapter.
  • Modifying the application’s main executable (app binary – ipa in iOS and DEX file in Android).

OneShield Anti-Tampering Checkmarks 

1. Obfuscate Security Features

Appdome’s code is obfuscated to hide its presence. This is particularly useful for clients who prefer not to publicly disclose the third-party security vendors they’re using. Such obfuscation not only maintains privacy but also makes it challenging for potential hackers to ascertain which protective layer they should target.

2. Checksum Validation

A checksum, often referred to as a “hash”, is a unique string of numbers and letters generated from the original file using specific algorithms (e.g., MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256/512). Appdome ensures that the checksum validation of valuable files are correct and the same throughout the lifetime of the app, thus enforcing the file’s integrity.

3. App Integrity/Structure Scan

Appdome examines your mobile app’s composition, data structure, data elements, and communication paths. This thorough scan confirms the app’s integrity, and ensures that the app has been built correctly.

4. Prevent Static App Patching

This feature ensures the app remains in its original state, safeguarding it from tampering or the addition of malicious elements. It guarantees the security of users and retains the app’s original code.

5. Prevent Code Tampering

Preventing code tampering ensures that the original source code remains intact, thereby ensuring that the app runs safely and as intended by its developers.

6. Prevent App Repacking

App repacking involves hackers manipulating an app’s original code or injecting harmful code into it, subsequently repackaging this altered app for distribution. By actively preventing app repacking, you not only preserve the authenticity and originality of your app but also ensure the continuous safety and trust of your users.

Prevent Anti-Tampering on Mobile apps using Appdome

Follow these steps to add OneShield Anti-Tampering protection to your mobile app.
If you don’t have an Appdome account, click here to create an account.

1. Click the Build tab.
2. In the top menu, select any category (eg: Security, Management, Access, Identity, Mobile Threat, etc).
3. Switch on the feature and add any configuration or input requirements (optional).
4. Click Build My App.

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