On-Premise vs Cloud Continuous Security, Android & iOS Apps

Last updated April 25, 2023 by Appdome


This Knowledge Base compares on-premise vs cloud continuous security for Android and iOS apps. It also answers the question: Does Appdome have an on-premise service (the answer is no) and explains why Appdome delivers its service as a cloud-based no-code mobile security platform, designed to add any security feature to Android and iOS apps.

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On-Premise vs Cloud Continuous Security

Appdome evaluated both an on-premise and cloud-only solution when creating the Appdome Platform. A cloud-only solution offered the greatest range of services, features and capabilities for our users.

One of Appdome’s critical advantages as a mobile security platform is the ability to retain, learn, apply and deliver known implementations anywhere in the world.  A mobile developer or mobility professional using Appdome in one part of the world, on one given project, gets the immediate benefit of the evolutions on Appdome that are brought about by others using Appdome. This eliminates the learning curve, allows developers and others to avoid re-inventing the wheel, and gets rid of the first-time mistakes that individual mobile developers must face in completing integrations manually. In evaluating this benefit, the upgrade cycle and versioning needed with an on-premise solution imposed an insurmountable barrier. Only a cloud platform presented the ability for developers and others to tap into Appdome’s continuous innovation and integration evolution instantly.

In addition, the cloud trend is clear. Mobile developers already use cloud services to build apps. Vendors of mobile services, including SDK, API and other mobile services are increasingly offering cloud-dominant services. New no code implementation options we might offer in the future, like MbaaS (Mobile Backend as a service) and others are cloud-only by design. The likely need to integrate with these services at an app and development workflow level made a cloud-based service a compelling choice.

In recent years, there have been several advances in cloud service and infrastructure offerings, particularly in securing cloud infrastructures and the data stored on them.  At Appdome, we take security seriously and after extensive study, determined that we could protect and secure our service, user’s work, and workflows as part of a cloud-only offering.

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