No-Code Mobile Fraud Prevention

Protect Mobile Apps from Piracy and Becoming Trojans

Hackers and fraudsters reverse engineer iOS and Android apps from Google Play and Apple’s App Store and make clones, fakes, and mods. Then they repackage, re-sign and redistribute those fake apps as their own, sometimes embedded with malware or click-bots, other times as game mods for cheating, or to divert in-app purchases.

Using Appdome is easy. There’s no SDK, no gateway, no proxies and no coding required. Start a free 5-day trial and see how quick and easy it can be to prevent mobile piracy, theft of your mobile app IP, and more by building fraud prevention and defense directly into iOS and Android apps, fast.

Appdome Mobile Piracy Prevention

Protect IP

Protect your apps, code, and logic from being copied and pirated by fraudsters. Stop fraudsters from diverting in-app revenue and ad spending.

Stop Fakes and Clones

Prevent fraudsters from making replicas of your apps, embedding malicious code, impersonating your brand, or tricking users

Prevent Redistribution

Prevent fraudsters from re-packaging, re-signing, and publishing fake versions of your app on alternative, malicious, or non-approved app stores.

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App Signature Validation

Validates signed apps, prevents apps being re-signed by a different developer.

Runtime Bundle Validation

Verifies the integrity of the app bundle and all its contents. Performs checksum validation for every file in the app bundle.

Memory Encryption

Encrypts app specific data stored in memory. Secures the memory allocated and used by the app so that it can't be altered.

Google Play/Apple App Store Signature Validation

Validates that apps signed for Apple App Store/Google Play cannot be distributed through any other app stores.

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Certified Secure Mobile Apps

I’m excited to announce a new part to the Appdome service, called Certified Secure™. Appdome has quickly become the standard in securing Android and iOS apps. Because of this…

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Explore hundreds of articles that explain ‘step by step’ instructions on how to protect all iOS and Android apps against mobile piracy. Appdome is a no-code post-build solution that works with all apps and frameworks and doesn’t require developers to change how they build apps today. Protect any mobile app against piracy in minutes – no coding, no SDK, no separate app required!