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Executive Summary

Organizations need to deliver more mobile apps to their users, no matter which environment, network or other resources are accessed via the app, every app needs to work as intended. Developers, mobility and mobile IT staff also need to guarantee that new features required for security, connectivity, access and management of mobile apps will not interfere with end-user adoption and use. Delivering apps with new features can’t wait. Speed and flexibility are critical.

Apps don’t come out-of-the-box ready for every environment. This guide highlights the top considerations to be made in choosing a mobile integration solution. The right mobile integration solution will help organizations meet mobile and mobility goals, shorten time to market, and accelerate release cycles. Mobile developer resources are scarce. So, choosing the right technology can help organizations complete mobile integration projects without development. This can free developers from manually coding features to apps.

Top Highlights

No Code vs Manual Integration

Platform and framework compatibility

Feature Choice and Availability

Multi-Vendor Implementations

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