Appdome Releases No Code Solution to Preempt Mobile Fraud

Extends No Code Security Solution to Stop Mobile Fraud Before it Starts   

SAN FRANCISCO —  May 19, 2021  Appdome, the industry leader in no code Appdome Mobile App Security, today announced the immediate release of no code Appdome Mobile Fraud Prevention for Android and iOS apps. The new offering provides true DevSecOps ease, no code scalability, and immediate time to market for developers and mobile businesses to preempt mobile fraud, stop click bots and automated attacks, block mobile malware and prevent mobile piracy in Android and iOS apps.

Fraud in the mobile channel and mobile businesses is a serious issue. For example, mobile click fraud rose 64% over the last year, costing businesses $24B. Mobile app fraud, the fastest growing area of fraud for retail businesses, cost over $100M last year. In banking, mobile fraud has also increased 173%, including remote access and mobile banking trojans.

“The security of our customers’ financial assets and information is of the utmost importance to us,” said Neil Gower, Senior Scrum Master at Interactive Investor. “Appdome Mobile Fraud Prevention allows us to protect the Interactive Investor app and our customers against all threats and attacks, across every deployment we make.”

No Code Mobile Fraud Prevention 

Appdome’s no code Mobile Fraud Prevention solution is aimed at protecting mobile apps and the people that use them by preventing fraudsters from weaponizing mobile apps, blocking the tools that automate mobile app fraud, and detecting on-device techniques used to carry out mobile fraud against users and apps. As part of no code Mobile Fraud Prevention, developers and mobile business can implement one, any or all of 20 new protections inside Android and iOS apps to preempt and prevent:

Mobile fraud, such as automated programs, click-bots, shopping bots, and SneakerBots used to generate fake events, hoard products, destroy mobile economies and impact brands. Additional features allow developers and mobile businesses to stop automated environments that weaponize legitimate mobile apps in credential stuffing and similar attacks, and block overlay attacks that steal from or trick users into providing valuable information and commit identity theft and account takeovers (ATOs).

Mobile malware, such as Frida, Magisk Manager and industry specific cheat engines like GameGuardian from being used to cloak malware, dynamically modify apps at runtime, manipulate app logic, bypass in-app purchases, use method hooking, use code and other injection techniques, all to gain control of user accounts, bypass mobile business logic and undermine mobile app experiences. Additional features allow developers and mobile businesses to stop malware from abusing Accessibility Services to gain privileges and access critical areas of Android and iOS apps.

Mobile piracy, such as cloning, “modding” and creating fake trojan apps to distribute malware and other malicious programs, including via unauthorized app stores.

“We wanted developers and mobile businesses to have one, no code solution to protect mobile apps from reverse engineering and attack, as well as preempt and prevent mobile app fraud before it starts,” said Tom Tovar, CEO and co-creator of Appdome. “By doing this in the client mobile app, we make the mobile economy safer and more secure for everyone.”

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About Appdome  

Appdome’s mission is to protect the mobile economy and the people who use mobile apps in their lives and at work. Appdome’s industry defining no code Mobile Security and Fraud Prevention platform uses a patented, artificial-intelligence based, no code technology to power a self-serve DevSecOps service used to secure, defend and protect mobile apps from reverse engineering, data exploits, OS and device level threats, dynamic and static analysis, MiTM attacks, mobile fraud, mobile malware and mobile piracy. Over 25,000 unique combinations of mobile security and fraud prevention features, SDKs and APIs are available on Appdome. Over 200+ leading financial, healthcare, government, and m-commerce providers use Appdome to protect apps, users and data, preempt fraud, and consistently deliver richer and safer mobile experiences to hundreds of millions of mobile end users globally. For more information, visit


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