U.S. Navy Secures MyNavy Portal Mobile App With Appdome

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF., March 6, 2019 – Appdome, the mobile industry’s first no-code, cloud platform for mobile app integration, announced that the United States Navy is using the Appdome Mobile Security Suite to protect the Navy’s new MyNavy Portal Android and iOS mobile applications.

MyNavy Portal (MNP) is the Navy’s official military integrated human resources portal for Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education services. It provides a single point of entry for Sailors to manage and view their personnel and career information within an intuitive self-service environment.

Appdome’s mobile integration platform allowed the Navy to reduce development time by integrating mobile security services in seconds, rather than having to manually code encryption,  man-in-the-middle, certificate pinning and other needed security capabilities. Along with these capabilities, the Navy was able to integrate full-stack app shielding and Appdome’s unique TOTALCode Obfuscation to their apps in seconds, with no code or coding required.

“The MNP mobile app addresses one of the major issues Sailors face when managing their careers—the large number of websites and databases that they need to use to perform routine and common HR tasks,” said David Driegert, assistant program manager for MyNavy Portal – Mobile Applications at the Enterprise Information Systems PMW 240 Sea Warrior Program. “With Appdome, we were able to accelerate the deployment of our app and also provide the highest levels of security.”

“We’re honored to be working with the U.S. Navy and supporting secure use of the MyNavy Portal apps for our service men and women,” said Tom Tovar, co-creator and CEO of Appdome.

For more information about the Appdome Mobile Security Suite, visit https://www.appdome.com/enterprise-mobile-apps/uem-mam-sdks/enterprise-mobility/ or start a free trial at https://fusion.appdome.com.

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Appdome is the industry’s first no-code mobile integration platform. Appdome’s patented, Fusion technology and its AI-Digital Developer™, known as AMI, powers a self-service platform that allows anyone to complete the integration of thousands of mobile services, standards, vendors, SDKs and APIs in security, authentication, access, mobility, mobile threat, analytics and more, adding these services to any mobile app instantly. Leading financial, healthcare, government and e-commerce providers use Appdome to deliver rich mobile experiences, eliminating development complexity and accelerating mobile app lifecycles. For more information, visit www.appdome.com.

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