Appdome-DEV is a No-Code Mobile
CI/CD Workflow Integration Solution

Better Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
For Mobile Application Development Teams

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Mobile CI/CD Workflow Integration From Appdome

Appdome offers mobile app development organization a no-code mobile CI/CD workflow integration solution. Appdome-DEV™ connects directly to build systems including JenkinsGitLab CITeamCityTravis CIBambooCircleCICodeshipCodefresh, and others.

Appdome-DEV expands on Appdome’s no-code mobile integration capabilities to provide organizations all the tools needed to accelerate mobile integration lifecycles.

Inside Appdome-DEV, organizations will find build to publish APIs, mobile integration templates, collaborative workspaces and teams, integration with build systems, automatic publishing to public and enterprise appstores and more.

Appdome-DEV allows organizations to complete hundreds of simultaneous integrations, making Appdome the perfect mobile CI/CD workflow integration solution with CI/CD systems and tools which enterprises already have deployed.

CI/CD Workflow Integration

Top Highlights

“Appdome’s cloud-based fusion process enables the integration of compliance,
security, mobility, Single-Sign On (SSO), mobile identity, VPN and
analytics solutions, without coding…any purpose the customer chooses.”

“This product allows mobile app ISVs and enterprise developers to easily integrate
management, security and other SDKs from multiple vendors.”

Best of vmworld, 2017 | Best of vmworld

“The cloud-based service accelerates mobility projects
and allows multiple functions to be combined with a single app.”

“Appdome fuses applications with additional security policies, such as anti-tampering and code obfuscation.
I&O pros can also quickly add one or multiple EMM-specific SDKs to mobile apps,
which speeds delivery and drives down costs.”

Forrester Research, 2018 | Forrester Research
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