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What’s in the Mobile Apps in the Digital Workplace eGuide?

This eGuide describes the top areas every organization must address to deliver mobile apps in the digital workplace. Top areas include: (1) how to tackle UEM, EMM and MAM diversity, (2) new models of enterprise mobility, (3) solving enterprise authentication (SSO) with BYOD, and more. These areas are critical to enterprise security and IT professionals looking deploy mobile apps to managed devices and BYOD environments in the workplace.

The goal of mobile apps is to increase efficiency and productivity at work. At the same time, the goal of enterprise security and IT is to deliver mobile apps without sacrificing security, compliance or the user experience. Today’s workforce demands the freedom and productivity of BYOD and mobile apps. Digital natives bring expectations to the digital workplace that are rooted in mobile, cloud-centric, and highly collaborative environments. New and richer mobile apps in the digital workplace are emerging from everywhere. As a result, the amount of critical corporate data on mobile is increasing.

Mobile IT and mobility professional face consumer-like challenges addressing the demand for mobile apps in the fast emerging BYOD digital workplace. These professionals are chartered with protecting organizational data, networks and access. Organizations must adopt technologies that allow instant implementation of security, mobility and identity services required to protect mobile services, data, networks, and users. This eGuide also highlights how to address mobile demand in BYOD environments quickly and efficiently.

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