Filipino Consumer Expectations of Mobile App Security - Survey Results

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Why should you read the Filipino Consumer Expectations of Mobile App Security Survey report?

Consumer expectations of mobile app security have never been higher. This report gives CISOs, mobile developers, and cyber-security teams in the Philippines the data required to prioritize mobile app security projects and move quickly to implement improved security across Android & iOS apps. 

Learn what Filipino mobile consumers require and expect about mobile app security

This survey of Filipino mobile consumers represents the ‘voice of the consumer’. The data shows that mobile is now the dominant channel for just about every aspect of Filipino’s work and personal life, eclipsing web-based channels. The data clearly demonstrates that Filipino mobile consumers have much higher expectations than their global peers when it comes to mobile app security, mobile fraud prevention and mobile malware prevention. Brands in the Philippines that listen to their customers by protecting their data and app usage will be rewarded with more growth, while those that don’t will face churn. You’ll also learn that consumers are willing to be brand advocates for mobile apps that protect them against fraud, malware, hacking, & other mobile app security threats. 

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Filipino Consumer Mobile App Security Survey

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