Protecting the Mobile Consumer in COVID-19

Consumers and businesses have turned to mobile apps to
stay connected, purchase, save and share during COVID-19.
Learn how to keep mobile data, consumers and transactions
safe and secure in these challenging times.

COVID-19 Demands Better Consumer Mobile App Security

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting consumers on a global level, and restricting access to common forms of commerce like stores, branches, ATMs. and more. As a result, mobile apps that consumers use to buy, save, share, send money, invest and more have taken center stage. Businesses are encouraging consumers to download mobile apps as the primary means for commerce. Users too have turned to mobile as the primary means to live, work and remain connected. But with this comes a greater risk of cybercrimes. Businesses need to do more than ever to protect mobile consumers, including data, transactions, credentials and more.
Appdome’s #1 goal is to help you achieve and maintain the highest levels of security for your mobile apps, so your mobile customers can have the trust and confidence that their mobile transactions with you are protected.

Our Message in COVID-19

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We believe in protecting everything mobile, including people, memories, transactions, work, connections and more.

The Economy Is Moving To Mobile Fast

Mobile apps are what is important to us in these stressful times. We use mobile apps to get through the day, connect, buy, be entertained, work and do our part to stay healthy & informed citizens.

— App Annie Impact of Coronavirus on Mobile Apps


COVID-19 has consumer brands all over the world pushing mobile apps as the trusted & safe platform for mobile consumers to engage with and complete their purchases or financial transactions.

For example, banks are closing their physical locations and are telling customers to bank virtually via the mobile app. Healthcare providers are telling patients to download their mobile apps to consult with their doctors and get up-to-date COVID-19 information. And retailers and food services companies are changing to a take out and delivery only model with “mobile exclusive” models recommending customers order ahead on the app.

And consumers are responding by downloading new apps at a furious pace and dramatically increasing their time spent on mobile apps.

Is Your Mobile App Secure?

Protect Your Mobile Consumer

Even apps downloaded from official stores can be compromised or introduce vulnerabilities due to poor coding.

Verizon Mobile Security Index

Everyday, we see mobile apps that lack the basic protections needed to safeguard mobile businesses, revenues and users. As a result, consumers and mobile businesses are at risk. With a single click, the Appdome Mobile Security Suite enables you to fully protect your mobile apps and mobile consumers against attempts by a hacker or any malicious entity. By using AI it automatically builds security into mobile apps, without the need for coding. In fact, there are no dependencies on roadmaps or engineering and development resources. By protecting your mobile apps with Appdome Mobile Security Suite, mobile app developers and non-developers can use a non-cascading, multi-layered defense to protect against any security threat. Protect mobile apps and the consumer now. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing regions all over the world to lockdown and shelter-in-place. Hackers know this. The Federal Trade Commission has warned Americans, and this should apply globally, about COVID-19 scams that may target your business and the mobile consumer during this already confusing time.

Key Benefits of the Appdome Mobile Security Suite

360˚ Protection to M-Commerce Users

Secure mobile commerce apps by preventing credential theft, MitM attacks, malicious bots, reverse engineering and other mobile attacks.

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Guarantee Security Compliance

Instantly achieve OWASP Mobile Top 10, GDPR, PCI, PSD2 and other security standards without any impact to mobile app roadmaps.

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Improve and Maintain Brand Safety

Securely operate in “Zero Trust” mobile environments and ensure safe mobile transactions, brand safety and industry compliance!

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