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Mobile Identity
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Mobile Identity and Authentication

With the daily growing number of identity thefts, malware, and cyber-attacks, prevention tactics like continuous analysis and identity verification process are becoming more valuable. Customers accessing Appdome’s Mobile Identity service get:

  • One-click integration of advanced authentication, biometrics, and mobile identity solutions for fraud protection use cases
  • True mobile user identities with a high degree of accuracy and less false positives, using new cutting edge services such as “behavioral biometrics”
  • Combined integration that allows customers to bring identity and other services onto a single app in minutes

Read the Appdome for BehavioSec data sheet

Mobile Messaging

Appdome’s Mobile Messaging allows customers to automatically implement secure and powerful communications platform (such as voice, video, and messaging) in a click, without the need for code or coding. Customers accessing Appdome’s Mobile Messaging service get: 

  • One-click integration of a rich, growing set of messaging, voice and video communication features
  • Secure integration of the BBM Enterprise SDK to apps with a variety of advanced app protections such as code obfuscation, anti-tampering, anti-debugging, and other protections
  • Compatibility with the entire BlackBerry ecosystem like Appdome for BlackBerry Dynamics and other BlackBerry solutions which can be added to the same app, all from the same workflow

Read the joint BlackBerry Appdome BBM Press Release

Mobile Analytics is Huge!

Mobile analytics is going deeper into the logic and use of the native app. The need for richer more complete visibiltiy and analytics on mobile use and users is growing.  We expect mobile analytics SDKs to prolifereate and we're already exploring how to use AppFusion to implement the analytics package that's right for your app.  Stay tuned!

Worry Free Mobile Integration

The challenge faced by mobility customers and ISVs to integrate mobile SDKs to apps will continue to rise. Delivering native mobile experiences to users requires massive amounts of work to implement SDKs across industries. Appdome makes mobile integration simple for:

  • Analytics SDKs
  • Identity and Authentication Service SDKs
  • Location SDKs
  • New SDKs needed for the modern mobile enteprise or user

Tell us about the SDK you need!

At Appdome, we are working hard to offer platform users choice of services that they want to integrate. We are looking to provide additional services beyond security and mobility management categories. If you have a suggestion, let us know! Here are the mobile services we are considering adding to the platform: 

  • Mobile Ads and Engagement
  • Mobile Billing  
  • Biometrics
  • MbaaS

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