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The challenges of enterprise customers and mobile ISVs to integrate mobile services and SDKs to apps will continue to rise. No code methodologies are fast becoming the solution of choice in mobile. AppFusion empowers the enterprise customer and relieves the app provider, making the job of implementing mobile services to native mobile experiences easier:

  • Let anyone rapidly integrate mobile services to mobile apps
  • Stop changing apps to accommodate new services
  • Free mobile developers to make better apps and better mobile SDKs
  • Accelerate mobile transformation across industries 

Appdome - Integrating mobile gateways to apps
Integrating mobile gateways to apps

Secure connectivity and VPNs are a growing part of mobile applications everywhere. Gateway services are shedding new light on enteprise app use, the BYOA workplace and shadow mobile environments. Gateway services are releasing SDKs to make it easier on enteprise customers to: 

  • Securely connect apps to enterprise networks and resources
  • Add native VPN capability to apps without coding, developement or access to source code
  • Simplify secure gateway and application VPN proof of concepts
  • Implement VPN to mobile apps without wrapping

Appdome - Fusing Analytics to mobile apps
Fusing Analytics to mobile apps - coming soon!

Mobile analytics is going deeper into the logic and use of the native app. The need for richer more complete visibiltiy and analytics on mobile use and users is growing.  We expect mobile analytics SDKs to prolifereate and we're already exploring how to use AppFusion to implement the analytics package that's right for your app.  Stay tuned!

Appdome - Suggest a service
How would you like to use AppFusion?

At Appdome, we are working hard to offer platform users choice of services that they want to integrate. We are looking to provide additional services beyond security and mobility management categories. If you have a suggestion, let us know! Here are the mobile services we are considering adding to the platform: 

  • Mobile Ads and Engagement
  • Mobile Billing  
  • Biometrics
  • MbaaS

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