Certified Secure™
Android and iOS Apps

See it live - verify that all Android and iOS builds and releases are protected by the security and mobile fraud prevention features needed to protect mobile users and the mobile business.

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Developers and Security Teams Know

Using Appdome, you can deliver comprehensive code obfuscation protection for Android and iOS apps without coding or SDKs. Meet release timelines. Satisfy internal and industry security requirements fast.

Ask about these top benefits of
Certified Secure for Mobile Apps

Guaranteed Mobile Security Compliance

Guarantee that one or all Android and iOS apps have the security and fraud prevention features needed to achieve internal or industry compliance, including PCI, GDPR, HIPPA, FINRA, CODI, CC, SOC II, Data Privacy, Data Protection Compliance, and more.

Rapid, Automated Security Certification

With Certified Secure™, mobile app teams can clear apps for each stage of the release process quickly and easily. Verify needed security and fraud prevention features are present before each release, and use Appdome Certified Secure™ certification to clear DEV, QA, UAT and PROD releases., build by build, all from inside the build process, CI/CD or rapid release systems.

Reduce Code Scans & Pen Tests in App Releases

Appdome's Certified Secure™ is the only solution to certify Android and iOS apps as protected, without code scanning or pen testing mobile apps. With Certified Secure™, mobile developers and security teams can embrace DevSecOps, reduce reliance on vulnerability and code scans, eliminate manual pen tests, and accelerate the secured mobile app release process.

Complete Build and Version History

Appdome's Certified Secure™ is the only solution to give developers, security teams and DevSecOps organizations the visibility and traceability needed to establish consistent mobile security and fraud prevention models, compare and promote security templates across apps, app teams, and app projects, and complete security and fraud certification processes with ease. Appdome Certified Secure™ comes with a complete build, version, app history as well as a detailed list of all features, plug-ins and parameters included in each app.

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