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Android Jailbreak Prevention

Appdome’s Rooting Prevention and RASP solutions protect Android apps from running in compromised environments. Hackers Root Android apps to gain full administrative control over the device and compromise the mobile app security model. Appdome detects and prevents Rooting and blocks advanced root hiding and root cloaking tools. Block Frida, Magisk, Cydia, Checkra1n, Unc0ver, Xposed, Chimera, Rootbeer, rootcloak2, Towelroot, and many more.

Customize Detection and Enforcement

When Appdome detects a root compromise event, the app protects itself by shutting down. Developers can instrument their own response and remediation workflows. For example detect and notify the developer of a rooting event, but don't shut the app down unless other threat events are detected.

Stop Misuse of Android Developer Tools

Stop hackers from using unknown sources and developer options on Android to elevate their administrative privileges and get control of the environment and compromise the security model or signals coming from the device.

Say Yes to Zero-Trust Environments

Allow mobile apps to operate in hostile zero-trust environments where hackers routinely compromise the OS to gain administrative control to enhance, without compromising security.

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