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Appdome and Gemalto’s Partnership enables Anybody to add MFA to any mobile app

Today, Appdome announced another strategic partnership in its Identity category, this time with Gemalto  – a long time market leader in PKI, MFA and Smartcard authentication. In addition to the joint global sales and GTM covered by this partnership, the depth and breadth of use cases within Appdome’s Mobile Identity category continues to evolve and expand significantly. Here’s some history from a previous blog.

Implement MFA in minutes using Appdome

Customers can now use Appdome to add Gemalto’s MobilePKI SDK to any mobile app – instantly with no-code or coding. This service lets enterprises securely verify mobile user identities by integrating advanced PKI and MFA into existing mobile apps. Sounds complicated right?  Quite the contrary. With Appdome, customers get an instant, consistent, no-code implementation of any mobile service – on demand.

Here’s how it works:

Anybody can fuse the Gemalto SDK to any mobile app in a few clicks. Then they can customize, sign, and deploy the fused app to any public or private app store. A mobile user opens the fused app, inserts their smartcard into a reader, and the SDK validates the user using multiple ‘factors’. To complete authentication, the SDK delivers an in-app push notification prompting the user to enter a secure pincode. It’s the classic ‘something you have’ (smartcard) and ‘something you know’ (passcode) authentication. I could even go a step further by including a 3rd factor – ‘something you are’ (biometrics). An SDK from another Appdome partner pioneered a new concept called behavioral biometrics. I won’t get too carried away here, I’m Professor Fusion, not Tom Cruise!


Before Appdome, customers would hire mobile developers to manually modify an app’s source code to implement Gemalto’s service. This can be quite complicated, expensive, time-consuming, and simply impossible for 3rd party apps (where source code is not available). With Appdome, it’s as simple as 1-2-3. Those same customers can come to the Appdome platform and implement the complete Gemalto MobilePKI SDK in a single click. No coding, no app changes, no complexity.

If you have not seen the Appdome platform, you should definitely go to the platform and try fusing an app yourself. To learn more about Appdome for Gemalto, download the datasheet.

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