Appdome 2021 Mobile App Security Consumer Survey

Appdome Releases 2021 Global Mobile Consumer Security Survey 

I’m very excited to announce the availability of Appdome’s 2021 Global Mobile Consumer Security Survey.

The Mobile Consumer Is Aligned with the Goals of the CISO

This is an incredible moment for security and fraud prevention teams. Never before has the CISO office, security and fraud teams had concrete data showing that the voice of the mobile consumer is on their side in improving the security and fraud prevention inside mobile apps. Never before has the voice of the mobile consumer been so clear on the security, fraud, malware and network threat protections consumers expect from the mobile brands and mobile apps they use daily. What’s absolutely crystal clear is that mobile app security, broadly, is a critical feature of every mobile app. This 2021 Global Mobile Consumer Security Survey reveals the complex and demanding nature of the security and attack prevention expectations that mobile consumers have across every geography, age, gender, and other dimensions.

CISOs, security teams, fraud teams,  and members of board-level cybersecurity committees should download the full 2021 Global Mobile Consumer Security Survey to gain an in-depth understanding the expectations consumers have about mobile security, which threats they fear the most, and actions they would take if the app or their data was compromised.

The Voice of 10,000 Mobile Consumers Globally

Surveying over 10,000 mobile end-users across the globe, we gathered the industry’s first real insight into the security expectations of the mobile consumer. We left no geography, industry, gender or age group unattended. The findings are as important as they are empowering – to CISOs, security and fraud professionals worldwide. With this data in hand, budget and project priorities can be established, kept on track, or accelerated.

Some of the data was not surprising. For example, consumers demand the highest level of security and protection on a global basis from mobile banking apps and other finance-related apps. But, even mobile banking apps lost ground to the universal consumer expectation that all apps must protect mobile consumers and their data equally. In specific geographies, consumers also stepped forward to say they actually expect the highest security from specific mobile apps like mobile health, retail, games, dating, social media apps and more. While we debated internally whether Android and iOS users would have different expectations about security and malware prevention in mobile apps, the differences didn’t bear out in the data. Android and iOS users, on the whole, share the same views on mobile app security and threat prevention.

Some of the data was sobering. For example, there was a huge shift among consumers towards on-device threats and away from network and MiTM threats. We interpret this shift to how consumers feel the association and use of mobile apps on a very personal basis. There was also more concern among consumers related to malware attacks and malware trojans than in prior surveys. This revealed an increasing recognition by mobile consumers regarding the sophistication of threats to mobile app use. All in all, this only serves to raise the bar on CISOs, developers, security and fraud teams to answer the demand that mobile brands and apps provide better protection for mobile experiences.

Some of the data was very surprising, like the findings we discovered in security expectations across gender and age groups. Also surprising was learning which geographies moved to mobile apps more quickly than others during COVID-19, how different geographies view mobile app security and threats to the mobile experience. The more we look at the data, the more we learn.

CISOs Use the 2021 Global Mobile Consumer Security Survey to Accelerate their Projects

I really hope that you take the time to review the 2021 Global Mobile Consumer Security Survey.​ Already, several customers are using the data to support and accelerate projects. As I said, never before has the CISO office and security and fraud teams had the data showing the voice of the mobile consumer is on their side in improving the security and fraud prevention inside mobile apps.

We have a series of webcasts planned with industry thought leaders on how the data in this survey reflects trends in specific industries and businesses. To sign up for these webcasts and this blog series, sign up for appdome blog

Get your copy of the 2021 Global Mobile Consumer Security survey now.



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