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Appdome Welcomes Mattermost to Appdome for App Publishers

Integrating Mobile Services to Mattermost without Code or Coding

[To the sound of Ghostbusters music] When you want premium workplace messaging for desktop and mobile who are you going to call? Mattermost!! 🙂
Mattermost is one of the premier communication solutions for workplace collaboration and it’s the latest addition to Appdome for App Publishers Service. Some of Mattermost’s features include:

  • Messaging that works: Effective workplace messaging with search and integrations, plus web, mobile and PC apps and much more.
  • Open source and private cloud-ready: Modern communication behind your firewall. MIT license with hundreds of contributors.
  • Data Center-Ready: Deploys as a single binary with MySQL or PostgreSQL, on one node or in a cluster with high availability and horizontal scaling.
  • Advanced Security: Multi-factor authentication, encrypted push notifications, advanced access controls and IT policies.
  • Enterprise Scale: Centrally manage thousands of users and hundreds of teams with advanced synchronization and automation of users and roles.

With this set of impressive features, it is not a coincidence that Mattermost selected the Appdome for App Publishers Service to secure its mobile application development. Innovation recognizes innovation.

Customers choose Mattermost, an open source enterprise messaging platform, because they can customize the app’s great features. By partnering with Appdome, customers can start integrating mobile services to mattermost without code or coding. So that neither Mattermost nor its customers need to use precious mobile development resources working on mobile security features or mobile SDK integration.

Mobile collaboration is a must for any successful organization. Messaging apps must be added to existing EMM and mobility management infrastructures. Appdome for Mattermost allows enterprise customers to:

  • Leverage open source the right way. Use precious development resources and time to customize the open source messaging platforms to fit business needs, not to integrate 3rd party SDKs.
  • Secure the customer’s solution of choice. Enterprise IT teams have a choice. With Appdome, enterprise IT can preserve that choice and select the right solution, like Mattermost, to serve business needs and users. Customers don’t have to surrender the choice to secure the right solution on Appdome.
  • Combine best of breed technologies. Enterprise mobility and collaboration professionals scour the landscape to find best of breed solutions to introduce to their environments. Using Appdome, both the mobility and collaboration teams can choose their preferred solutions, without the risk of conflict or incompatibility. Apps like Mattermost can be integrated with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK or any SDK of choice, without any code or coding by anyone.
  • Support the BYOA (bring-your-own-app). Users often source and bring apps to the workplace. With Appdome, enterprise mobility and IT staffs can secure and combine these apps with EMM solutions in minutes, allowing agile mobility environments that adapt and the mobile workforce demands.
  • Beat your mobile deadlines. Immediate access to the secured (fused) versions of the mobile apps provide instant workflow/collaboration/productivity benefits. The sooner you deploy, the sooner you reap the benefits 🙂
  • No work, no wait to integrate apps. Three quick clicks are all it takes to get the integration you need for the SDK of your choice. On Appdome, enterprise customers go from making the SDK integration decision to making the app fused available for deployment in minutes.
  • Expand enterprise mobility. Enterprise customers can now accelerate and reach apps that are never before compatible with EMM and MDM environments, automating the SDK integration process and allowing any professional complete integration projects.

Learn more about the benefits of Appdome for Mattermost in this data sheet. Explore Mattermost features on its website.

You can also learn more about the Appdome for App Publishers Services in this FAQ.  Or, better yet, join the fusion revolution and let your customers integrate SDKs to your apps too!

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