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Introducing the New Appdome+ Support Portal

Hi everyone!

This is my first blog as Appdome’s new Vice President of Service Delivery. I’m so excited to be at Appdome, on this incredible journey to protect every mobile app in the world.

My mission here at Appdome is the same as our customers – to release fully secured, fully protected, amazing mobile apps as fast as possible. To do this, I and the entire team at Appdome are 100% committed to ensuring a high quality of service, excellent customer experience, and continuous availability for all mobile developers.

Coming from the DevOps world, I know how mission critical an efficient, smooth-running DevOps pipeline is to high-growth mobile businesses. Bottom line, mobile app releases are fast-track and it’s the job of security vendors, like Appdome, to keep pace.


As a team, we got together and asked ourselves a big question – how can we serve our customers better? The answer was obvious, improve the way we support DevOps processes at our customers. And the easiest place to start working on that was how we handle and resolve support inquiries to Appdome. To that end, and to support our mobile developer and mobile security customers better, let me introduce everyone to our new Appdome+Support Portal.

The new +Support Portal has been designed to improve release collaboration, accelerate ticket creation, data gathering and enhance how we serve our customers.  The goal of the new Support Portal is, ultimately, to guarantee Appdome-protected Android and iOS apps are released on time or ahead of time, reduce time to resolution and improve visibility between Appdome and our customers.

Appdome lives inside the modern mobile DevOps pipeline, where quality and security meet. My goal is that this new support portal will become an integral part of our customer’s release process, improving the customer experience for all Appdome service, license, configuration, and support needs.

Keep reading to learn how to access and use the new +Support Portal at Appdome.

Availability & Design

Accessing the Support Portal is available to all Appdome customers and partners.  The Appdome+Support portal is now active, and we invite you to give it a try.

The Support Portal has been designed to expedite and simplify your support inquiries with Appdome.  Further, the portal provides enhanced visibility, allowing everyone within a customer organization to access and check the status of all existing and past cases that have been opened with Appdome.

After you give the new portal a try, tell us what you think. Your ideas and how to make the support portal better – now and in the future – are key to our journey together to secure your apps and every mobile app on the planet.

The Appdome+Support Portal is intended to replace and enhance the practice of opening support requests via email. To ensure the continuity of services for all our customers’ email support ( will remain active until the end of Q12022.  Appdome is committed to our customers’ success as such the full migration to use the online portal will be incremental.

How do I learn more?

To utilize the Appdome+Support portal you must first register by visiting then:

Click “Sign in” (upper right-hand corner)
Click “Sign up” (to the right of “New to Appdome Support?”)

Thank you for choosing Appdome!

Thanks for choosing Appdome!

We’re on a mission is to secure every Android and iOS app on the planet by making mobile app security, anti-malware, and fraud prevention easy. We hope we’re living up to the mission with your project. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for free.

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