Introducing TOTALMobility for VMware Workspace ONE

The number of mobile apps in the digital workspace is growing rapidly. Infrastructures, systems, vendors and standards for access, authentication, management, security and more are changing constantly. Delivering a consistent, high-quality mobile experience for all users is a challenge for any mobile app owner, Mobile IT and mobility professional.

Introducing TOTALMobility™ for VWware Workspace ONE

To help DevSecOps teams solve the challenge and deliver consistent, high-quality mobile experiences, Appdome is introducing TOTALMobility™ for VMware Workspace ONE offers customers choice by allowing them to create custom apps that support mobile security, secure access, enterprise authentication and CI/CD services together with VMware Workspace ONE. Customers can effectively pick-and-choose the services required to match their unique environment.

For example, VMware customers can deploy custom versions of any internally developed or 3rd party mobile app integrated with VMware Workspace ONE, F5 Access Manager secure access, the Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) cloud SSO service, and mobile app shielding. All of these services can be added at the click of a button, with a production-ready app being completed in about 1 minute. And for high-production environments, customers can connect their CI/CD systems, like Jenkins, to fully automate the process.

The net result is a custom version of any Android or iOS mobile app (developed in any framework) built according to the customer’s specific enterprise requirements and fully secured and protected from hackers and malicious attacks.

New Functionality in Appdome for VMware Workspace ONE

Since 2017, Appdome for VMware Workspace ONE (AirWatch) has been the industry’s only automated, codeless integration solution for the Workspace ONE SDK for custom and third-party apps with no coding or development required.

New capabilities that are part of Appdome TOTALMobility™ for VMware Workspace ONE are:

  • Enterprise Authentication: Use any authentication scheme to authorize app usage within Workspace ONE. Appdome Shared ID allows all fused app access after the first authentication. Unique authentications (not supported by Workspace ONE) include SSO (any IDaaS, IAM, IdP), Kerberos, SAML, OpenID, OAuth/OAuth2, all Microsoft authentication, Okta, Ping (Federate and PingID), and OneLogin.
  • Enterprise Access: Integrate Workspace ONE with a variety of tunneling techniques, including any SSL VPN infrastructure (F5, Cisco, Pulse Secure) as well as app proxies (Microsoft).
  • Appdome Mobile Security: Protect apps with app hardening and code obfuscation. Key features include anti-tampering, anti-reverse engineering, native and non-native app code obfuscation, and more.
  • Appdome Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment: Connect build systems like Jenkins and more to Appdome to fully automate the build process. Other features include advanced app signing, end-to-end templates, and auto-publish to private app stores.

Recommendations for VMware Customers

DevSecOps and mobility teams at VMware customers looking to mobilize their digital workforce can use TOTALMobility for VMware Workspace ONE to customize and enhance any Android and iOS app so that it works seamlessly in their enterprise network environment.

TOTALMobility for VMware Workspace ONE is available now. Contact the Appdome Enterprise Sales Team today at for more information.

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