No-Code BlackBerry Launcher Integration – Available Now!

Announcing No-Code BlackBerry Launcher Integration

The latest mobile service to make its debut on the Appdome platform is the No-Code BlackBerry Launcher Integration. The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher SDK is now available on Appdome! Yes!

You can find the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher under the Management category. It’s an optional extension when adding the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK to an app on Appdome. This means that any customer can do a no-code BlackBerry Launcher integration when implementing the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK on the same app, at the same time, all within a single workflow, and all it takes is one additional click of a mouse. No coding, no development, no extra time or development.

The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher is a unified, secure mobile desktop which enables users to access all their secure business apps in one place, from within an app. Normally, a developer would have to separately and manually code the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher SDK to an app to display the mobile desktop. Now, the launcher can be embedded into any mobile app using Fusion, so that enterprise users have fast and easy access to secure business apps regardless of which app is in use at the time.

Fusing the launcher to any mobile app on Appdome provides the same “best in class” user experience across any app – a constant ‘floating icon’ is persisted on every screen within the app. To access another BlackBerry Dynamics-enabled app, users click on the floating Launcher icon to view the enterprise app store and all the secure business apps assigned to that user. Users don’t need to keep track of secure apps. The platform knows which apps are entitled for use, with instant access, simply by clicking the launcher floating icon. Pretty neat!

The optional setting for the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher can be found under the “Advanced Settings” menu under the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK. This means that the launcher (which until now previously only could be implemented with source code changes, and as a separate SDK) can now be implemented simply by flipping the launcher toggle button to ON, right before you click FuseMyApp to implement the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK. So that’s 2 SDKs for the price of one, all combined in one simple and lightning fast workflow. Not a single line of source code is touched, and in under a minute you’ll have a new app that has the BlackBerry Dynamics full secure mobility solution plus launcher fully integrated. Now that’s multi-service Fusion at its best!


I like Appdome for BlackBerry and the support new support for BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher for a bunch of reasons. First, this is yet another example of how Appdome and BlackBerry continue to expand and enhance our partnership with creative solutions, and in ways that deliver increasing value to mobile enterprises, while at the same time contributing to delightful mobile experiences for all users. BlackBerry, after all, was Appdome’s very first SDK partner. So, you can say that they helped put Appdome on the map, taking a chance on us when we were brand new and unproven. It always puts a smile on my face whenever we can leverage Fusion to better the lives of our joint customers! I also like launcher because it’s 100% about enriching mobile experiences, enabling faster access to apps and data, and increasing productivity in general! And that’s exactly what Appdome stands for!

On the surface, the no-code BlackBerry Launcher integration looks like every other SDK implementation on Appdome, in terms of the core capabilities. That is, Fusion enables citizen developers to implement SDKs in minutes, without coding, resulting in efficiencies across the board for every party involved. Such is true for every SDK on Appdome. However, if you dig a bit deeper beneath the surface, there are some nuances at play which provide evidence that may have reached an inflection point in enterprise mobility.

For instance, the primary focus of the launcher isn’t just security and mobile management. It’s much broader to encompass enabling, expanding and accelerating mobile experiences, all of which result in better outcomes for enterprises, users, and all players in the mobile ecosystem.  Differently stated, I like to think of initiatives such as this in the context of “Securely enabling enterprise mobility,” rather than ‘mobile app security’. It’s not about clamping down or restricting users, those days are long gone; it’s about broadening access to data, boosting efficiencies, enriching enterprise mobile experiences safely and securely. Some might call that a clever “word-shift,” but here at Appdome we call it a paradigm-shift.

Learn more about Appdome for BlackBerry Dynamics SDK  and how it can be seamlessly added to existing applications without the need to utilize developers or having access to the source code.without writing a single line of code.

Happy Fusing!
Professor Fusion

My name is Alan Bavosa I’m the VP of Strategic Partnerships at Appdome. Essentially, my mission is to find amazing SDK partners and bring them onto the Appdome platform. If you’ve got a mobile SDK, feel free to drop me a line at to learn more about how the Appdome platform can simplify your life and that of your customers via codeless mobile SDK integrations!  Or even just to talk about snowboarding, hip-hop, or your favorite “Jersey Shore” character. For the more ‘programmatically inclined’ who prefer to deal with machines, feel free to use our SDK submission portal.  

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