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No-Code Mobile App Security in Under a Minute

Request a Demo from AppdomeOne of the most satisfying parts in my role as one the product specialists here at Appdome is seeing the reaction of customers when they see our technology for the first time. On Appdome, they can add any combination of no-code mobile app security and fraud prevention features to any Android or iOS app in seconds.

In the video below, I want to show you the end-to-end process of adding security to an app, and show the outcome.

Use Case 1: Detect Developer Options

Appdome customers can easily add Jailbreak and Root prevention to their mobile apps. This functionality can be found under the OS Integrity section on the platform. One of the Android only features is “Detect Developer Options“. Hackers and Fraudsters will often turn on developer options to increase their attack options.

In the video, I share how you can enable Detect Developer Options protection in the Dash eWallet app and show what happens when you try to launch the Appdome-secured Dash app on an Android device with Developer Option enabled.

Use Case 2: Copy Paste Prevention

Copy Paste prevention is one of the key features in Appdome’s Mobile Privacy and Data Loss Prevention section. With this turned on, users cannot copy data from inside the app, and paste it in an other application outside the app.

In the video, I share how you can enable Copy Paste Prevention protection in the Notepad app and show what happens when you try to copy text from the Appdome-secured Notepad app and paste it to another app on the device.

Video: No-Code Mobile App Security in Under a Minute

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