Password-less Authentication with Appdome for Nexmo Verify

Passwordless Authentication with Appdome for Nexmo Verify

With the launch of the Appdome for MFA, we welcome a new MFA partner to the Appdome ecosystem: Nexmo, The Vonage API Platform.

The Nexmo Verify service enables organizations to implement two-factor authentication (2FA) in mobile apps. Upon the 2FA challenge, a temporary verification code is sent to a mobile phone via SMS. And it is resent via an automated voice call if the user doesn’t enter the first code. The Nexmo Verify service offers passwordless authentication, allowing organizations to replace static passwords with single-use PIN codes.

Appdome and Nexmo join hands to make adding Nexmo Verify to mobile apps fast and easy. Over the next few weeks, you will see several joint Go-To-Market activities. Nexmo will actively promote the integration to its customers and prospects. Similarly, Appdome will promote Nexmo Verify to its customers.

Passwordless Authentication Makes Good Business Sense

Forbes estimates that over half a billion (that’s billion with a B) username and passwords have been leaked and stolen. So, the chance that one or more of your passwords is in the wrong hands is much bigger than winning the lottery. But what does this mean? How can we quantify the cost of stolen passwords to organizations? According to Ponemon’s 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, the “average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million.”

This is why Nexmo believes that one of the best ways to implement passwordless authentication is using temporary, single-use, PIN codes. In fact, the overall market for Two-Factor Authentication is expected to reach $8.78B by 2023. This according to Market Research Future’s Global Two-Factor Authentication Market Research Report.

With Appdome for Nexmo Verify, organizations can implement passwordless authentication to all their Android and iOS apps. Just like with all other solutions on Appdome, this only seconds and requires no coding. And the Appdome Identity Suite makes it easy to define the workflows for when the 2FA challenge is presented to the user. There are 3 different options available. The MFA on Login option triggers the 2FA challenge after the user successfully logs in to the app. With the Authenticate on Resource option, the 2FA challenge is presented when the user attempts to access a specific server or protected URL. And with the Custom MFA option, developers can leverage in-app DEV-Events which trigger the 2FA challenge based on the unique internal application logic.

Appdome for Nexmo Verify Use Cases

Think of all the use cases made possible with this level of flexibility. The list is endless. Here are just some of the examples I see coming to market soon:

Consumer Apps Use Cases

  • Keyless Entry apps: Use Authenticate on App Launch to present the Verify challenge every time a user opens an app that unlocks a keyless entryway.
  • E-commerce apps: Use Authenticate on Resource to present the Verify challenge when a user places an order.
  • Banking apps: Use DEV-Events to present the Verify challenge when making a money transfer or scheduling a payment over a certain amount.

Enterprise Apps Use Cases

  • Healthcare apps: Use Authenticate on App Launch to present the Verify challenge every time a user opens an app.
  • Expense Reports apps: Use Authenticate on Resource to present the Verify challenge when submitting the expense report.
  • HR apps: Use DEV-Events to present the Verify challenge so that a user verifies their identity before completing a certification program.

And remember, nobody has to code anything to the app to get this level of granularity. Anybody can build new apps with very complex authentication workflows using Appdome’s simple point and click UI. And Appdome for Nexmo Verify works with any native, hybrid, and non-native mobile app, built-in any framework.

See Passwordless Authentication in Action

Nexmo Verify In-App experience using Appdome
Video: Adding Nexmo Verify to any mobile app – end to end

Learn more about how you can add passwordless authentication to all your Android and iOS apps. And get started with Appdome for Nexmo Verify today.

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