Show Off Your Skills at the APIWorld Hackathon

Appdome is a proud sponsor of APIWorld and the APIWorld Hackathon.

Developers use 100s of APIs in mobile apps. And when new functionality is added to an app, more APIs are added as well. As a result, mobile apps can make 1,000s of API calls per day to back-end servers.  Developers can’t keep up with securing all these APIs. In fact, each new API represents an additional and potentially unique attack vector that hackers can abuse. Luckily the Appdome Mobile Security Suite makes it fast and easy to protect your mobile apps and mobile app APIs from all hackers and attack vectors.

Appdome Challenge at the APIWorld Hackathon

We’re asking developers to show off their skills at the APIWorld Hackathon. Our challenge to you is to use the Appdome Mobile Security Suite to secure your mobile app as well as the APIs in your app. There are cash prizes for the best two teams. As part of the evalualtion, the Appdome Service Delivery team will review your Fusion Set to determine the winner.

For more information, go to the Appdome APIWorld Hackaton information page or create your appdome account using promocode “apiworld“.

APIWorld is from Oct 9-10 at the San Jose Convention Center. We look forward to seeing you there.

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