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One-Solution to Simplify AppConfig Across MDMs

Appdome joined AppConfig just last August because we believe that MDM is a useful use case in the enterprise. If implemented consistently, you can simplify AppConfig across MDMs and streamline the adoption and deployment of mobile applications in the enterprise by providing a standard for app configuration and management that can be leveraged by any MDM system.

In implementing and supporting the standard ourselves, we’ve learned a lot. Allow me to offer a quick thanks to our EMM and ISV partners that have tested and used Appdome for AppConfig. It turns out, on Android, each MDM supports AppConfig in its own unique way. That is, within Android, different versions lead to different requirements to comply with AppConfig. For example, Google for Work, MobileIron, VMware AirWatch, and IBM Maas360, all have different AppConfig implementations for different Android versions and systems.

To help expand the use of AppConfig, we set out to standardize these differences into one AppConfig implementation anyone can use, thus simplify AppConfig across MDMs. Our goal is to eliminate the need for developers to build-to-test, feature by feature, platform by platform, and app by app just to implement AppConfig. We can see that many apps still don’t include AppConfig or a full AppConfig implementation, and some only have only 1 AppConfig implementation (e.g. AppConfig on iOS, not Android or vice versa). We suspect that these differences matter and the complexities slow down adoption of this very important standard. Now, we hope, that is going to change.

What is ONE-AppConfig by Appdome?

ONE-AppConfig by Appdome is the developer’s one-stop solution for the full and complete implementation of the AppConfig standard. ONE-AppConfig eliminates the need to build, maintain and support AppConfig implementations across multiple MDMs. ONE-AppConfig is designed from the ground up to make it easy on ISVs and mobile developers to add managed security to apps while ensuring full compatibility with all MDM systems that support AppConfig in one step.

What does ONE-AppConfig by Appdome include?

ONE-AppConfig provides both a solution and a guarantee by Appdome to the mobile industry. As a solution, ONE-AppConfig includes 2 key elements:

  1. The ability to manage features from the award winning Appdome Security Suite:
  • Data at Rest Encryption: Encrypt the data in the app on the device. Create a secure data container that prevents other apps from accessing the app’s data, including preventing the same app on a different device from opening the encrypted data.
  • Disable Copy-Paste: Protect app data from being copied and pasted outside the app.
  • Disable Screen Capture: Prevent screenshots of the app and disables app screen sharing while presenting from a PC.
  • Jailbreak/Root Prevention: Detect whether a user is running the app on a jailbroken/rooted device.
  • Passcode/ TouchID: Use Fingerprint/Pincode to unlock an app.
  • Favor Native iOS Security: Favor use of device Pincode when it’s available.
  1. One client-side Appconfig implementation added to the app, that is compatible with all MDMs that support Appconfig. That’s right, one.

As a guarantee, it ensures full compatibility with the AppConfig standard as implemented by member MDMs in the ecosystem. We’re committed to maintaining this implementation for the benefit of mobile developers and enterprise developers alike.

Appdome is committed to simplify AppConfig across MDMs and make implementing the AppConfig standard so simple and easy.  So why wait if you are on the fence, need some help or don’t know where to start?

Learn more about ONE-AppConfig by Appdome, visit or open a free Appdome account and start your free Mobile Services trial today!

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