stopping mobile fraud with devsecops easy using Appdome

Stopping Mobile Fraud With DevSecOps Ease

Stopping mobile fraud before it starts means that developers and publishers have to move fast. Appdome delivers its new mobile fraud features via our no code DevSecOps framework. In building this solution, our goal was to create a mobile fraud prevention solution with a rapid go to market. And, by blocking the technical methods used to carry out fraud in and with mobile apps, customers can solve mobile fraud lightning fast.   

DevSecOps speed is the hallmark of Appdome’s preemptive Mobile Fraud solution. Appdome’s Mobile Fraud Prevention solutions allows mobile developers to fully embrace DevSecOps agility and speed, adding, deploying and publishing mobile fraud prevention inside Android and iOS apps fast – without a SDK, gateway, code or coding of any kind.  

Appdome customers can choose from over 30 new features targeted at stopping mobile fraud, mobile malware and mobile piracy before they start. Using any one, several, or all of the mobile fraud prevention features in Appdome Mobile Fraud Prevention, developers can preserve the trusted user experience, fair play, and legitimate app use, block mobile app cheaters, and ensure that mobile end users avoid identity theft, account takeovers, lost funds and other forms of mobile fraud.  

Here are the top reasons Appdome’s Mobile Fraud Prevention is differentiated in the market: 

Proactive in beating mobile fraud. Rather than let fraud happen, Appdome stops mobile fraud at its source by blocking abuses of mobile applications and operating systems, denying fraudsters the ability to weaponize Android and iOS apps against the publisher. This means mobile apps can independently recognize and defend themselves against the top methods used to attempt, commit, and carry out fraud – without an SDK, gateway, proxy or reverse proxy.  

Rapid release of mobile fraud prevention. You have to beat fraud to the punch. Appdome’s “no SDK” and “no gateway” approach ensures rapid deployment of mobile fraud prevention in every Android and iOS app. There is no dependence on engineering teams or development resources. With Appdome, mobile end users, mobile channels, mobile revenues and mobile networks need not suffer from mobile fraud. Guaranteed compatibility with any Android and iOS app ensures that no matter what the fraud, from weaponized mobile apps to click bots, sneaker bots, overlay attacks, and cheat engines, security and fraud teams have a solution. 

Stops all top five major classes of Android and iOS Fraud. Appdome stops all all top 5 of the major categories of mobile fraud, including click fraud, weaponized bot nets, mobile malware, mobile cheat engines and dynamic instrumentation tools, and mobile trojans. An easy point and click interface and/or Dev-API ensure mobile app development pipelines and CI/CD systems stay on schedule, with no impact to app release schedules.  

Certified Secure™ Mobile Fraud Prevention. Every time a mobile developer or publisher build a Appdome secured Android or iOS app, the mobile fraud prevention features are Certified Secure™ by Appdome. That means that release team, security teams and ops teams can verify the needed fraud prevention features are inside and protecting each app, build by build. Deploy your app with confidence, and stop fraud before it starts, guaranteed. 

Please try our no code Mobile Fraud Prevention Solution and join us in the battle to stop mobile fraud before it starts. 

Request a mobile fraud prevention demo today to learn more. 

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