Introducing AMI: AI Mobile Integration

AMI, or AI-Enhanced Mobile Integration, is the new groundbreaking technology that serves as “the digital developer” inside Appdome. Two years in the making, AMI learns each and every time users complete mobile integrations on Appdome. AMI can apply her knowledge to new situations, deciding on the fly what’s needed to complete implementations. The most dramatic thing about AMI is that she does the work developers would otherwise need to do to build great implementations manually.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Everyone in the mobile ecosystem is driven by the desire to eliminate complexity, shorten learning curves, overcome resource gaps and offer richer mobile experiences faster. In just over two years since the launch of our no-code mobile integration platform, the number of mobile apps and the complexity of mobile integrations on Appdome has exploded. We started with 1 app, 1 vendor in 1 category. Today, we support 1000s of apps and 1000s of implementation combinations across 5 broad categories. Our customers want more. Our partners want more. App makers want more. The diversity of development environments, frameworks, methods, standards, vendors, etc. compound the challenge for manual integration. The pace of innovation at every level makes overcoming the challenge with 1×1 manual development impossible.

What can AMI do?

At a practical level, AI-Enhanced Mobile Integration (AMI) is the technology that receives user-driven integration requests on Appdome. When a user clicks “Fuse My App,” she goes to work, evaluating the app, recognizing the development environment used to build the app, the frameworks, and methods inside the app, the resources available to the app and more. Then, AMI decides what’s needed to complete the requested implementation, selecting from thousands of small code sets called Micro Service Adapters built into the Appdome architecture. AMI then builds and implements the unique code sets needed to add the specific user-requested services to each given mobile app. AMI is lightning fast and completes this work instantly, each and every time users click “Fuse My App.”

As a system, AMI is incredibly smart. She dynamically adjusts each implementation to suit the specific app and service combination requested by Appdome users. If the frameworks, methods or workflows necessary to support the service, SDK or API aren’t supported in the app, AMI adds what’s necessary to make integrations work. AMI does the same thing if an app is developed in an environment not supported by the service, SDK or API  needed in the app. Even if the app is built in a way that conflicts with a service, SDK or API, AMI can adjust implementations to eliminate conflicting events, methods, workflows and more. She’s learned what service, SDK and API pairings require adjustment and which do not. This allows AMI to be hyper-efficient, adding or adjusting implementation code sets to complete integration projects quickly. AMI uses Appdome’s patented Fusion technology to choose the best place and way to add new services to each app binary.

What’s the Benefit of AI-Enhanced Mobile Integration?

AMI completes mobile integration projects faster and with greater certainty than any other option. On top of this, everyone in the mobile ecosystem can benefit from AMI’s:

Shared KnowledgeWith AMI, organizations can leverage technology to support mobile development like never before. For example, there is no need for every mobile developer to start from scratch, learning about a service, SDK or API. Once AMI learns a successful implementation of anyone service-to-app combination, that combination can be re-applied to every request for that service and app anywhere in the world. Her accumulated knowledge, as a digital developer, allows her to solve development problems, and complete implementations, faster and better than any other option.

Thousands of Known ImplementationsLike a developer, AMI learns by doing. AMI sits at the center of the highly diverse, fast-growing universe of mobile integrations completed on Appdome. As a digital developer, AMI is akin to having a mobile developer with the experience of tens of thousands of successful mobile integration projects across thousands of mobile apps in more than 5 or more core disciplines on your team. AMI’s recognition and code generation matrix improves with each new mobile integration project as well as each new app, vendor and service category added to Appdome. AMI’s ability to recognize patterns also allows her to solve implementation requests that are similar to the mobile integration projects that have already been completed on Appdome.

Better Mobile Innovation. AMI allows organizations and mobile developers to avoid an increasing range of work needed to add security, mobility, identity, access, authentication, analytics, and other services to apps – no matter what vendor is needed or how the app is built. This allows everyone in the mobile value chain to be more efficient and productive across the board. Spending more time on the creative and value-add elements of building mobile apps is every developer’s dream.

We’re certain that AMI, our digital developer, will become a key part of your mobile development and/or mobility team.

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