Bringing More to Mobile Everywhere in 2019

Happy New Year everyone! @Appdome, we’re welcoming 2019 with awe and inspiration. Last year continued to teach us so much about what IT, Security, SecOps, Mobile Product and Mobility teams need from Appdome. It also opened our eyes to the increasing role Appdome plays in mobile development.

We expect mobile development organizations, including app makers, ISVs, SIs and internal development groups to be an increasingly big part of our future. Last year, major mobile app vendors chose Appdome to deliver customized versions of their mobile apps to customers. Others chose Appdome to simplify the development process, allowing mobile developers to focus their attention on the business logic and user experience of mobile apps. We’re getting more requests for enhanced CI/CD integration. We’re also getting new requests from developers to expose more APIs and do more to supercharge the app development lifecycle with new tools and capabilities purpose-built for the mobile developer.

Don’t worry, we’re not leaving out the IT, Security, SecOps, Mobile Product and Mobility teams. Here too we continue to innovate, offering more choices and features to allow these organizations to create a mobile experience fit for every use case. Our unique ability to up-level legacy authentication to match modern authentication features and combine otherwise incompatible services is a big hit. Expect us to do even more in the area of authentication and mobile identity, facilitating a new era of choice and combined implementations for mobile end-user authentication models. Our customers continue to experiment and create new combinations of access, management and authentication services inside mobile apps. Finally, expect us to invest heavily in Appdome-GO™, a service that allows internal enterprise teams to facilitate the introduction and delivery of mobile apps to the digital workforce.

More and more, we find our customers are doing more than mere mobile integration. Super fast, no-code mobile integration of SDKs and APIs is still central to our mission. At the same time, our customers are literally building new apps on the fly to suit specific use cases inside the digital workplace and with consumer-facing mobile end users. Because of this, we’re starting to think more broadly about what we do. We know we help organizations customize and enhance mobile applications without code or coding. Some of the new things our platform can offer take us well beyond that.

Growth last year was amazing. To help continue that growth, we have hired two new VPs of sales – one to lead the enterprise and one to lead the government market segments. The new leadership is already making a big impact, sharing their experience and expertise with all of us. In the 2H of 2018, we closed a new round of funding – adding strength to our board and providing us the capital for growth well into 2020. With the fresh capital and new sales leadership on board, we’re poised to make a big and positive impact on the mobility and mobile development market.

Stay tuned for more of what we’ll do next. We’re setting our sights on any and every mobile service with an SDK or API. In our mind, if we make it easy for mobile developers to create great apps, we all win. And, finally, I’m super excited about the role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play in mobile development. As one of the worlds leading app vendors told us recently, “Appdome AI allows my developers to stay focused on the business logic and UX inside great apps – Appdome takes care of the rest.” We agree, and the future is bright for all of us.

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