Look for AI in Mobile Development to Become Mainstream

Welcome to the world of tomorrow, today.

  • Banks are experts at identifying fraudulent use of credit cards.
  • Most of us engage regularly with intelligent customer support chatbots.
  • Alexa, Siri and Google smart speakers are omnipresent in our homes, accomplishing tasks on our behalf.

In fact, when you look at the top AI use cases, it is clear how engrained AI already is in our economy and society

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All it takes is a quick Google search to find the data to back this up.

  • Narrative Science predicted that by 2018, 62% of enterprises will be using AI.
  • IDC also predicted that by 2019, 75% of workers whose daily tasks involve the use of enterprise applications will have access to intelligent personal assistants to augment their skills and expertise.

AI in Mobile Development

Mobile Apps are taking advantage of these services to accomplish tasks and provide predictive data. What we see (and others agree) is the huge opportunity to include AI in mobile app development – effectively a Digital Developer who can work side-by-side to quickly complete integration projects.

AI is playing an increasingly important role in Mobile Development. In fact, Gartner says that by 2022, at least 40% of new application development projects will have artificial intelligence co-developers on the team. (Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019, published Oct 15, 2018)

Some of the key AI technologies used in mobile applications are natural language and speech recognition technologies as well as biometrics for mobile identity.

At Appdome, we have fully embraced AI in mobile development. Last month we announced AMI, short for AI-Enhanced Mobile Integration. AMI is the new groundbreaking technology that serves as “the digital developer” inside Appdome. Two years in the making, AMI learns each and every time users complete mobile integrations on Appdome. AMI can apply her knowledge to new situations, deciding on the fly what’s needed to complete implementations. The most dramatic thing about AMI is that she does the work developers would otherwise need to do to build great implementations manually.

As the digital developer, AMI assists Appdome customers to achieve customized mobile outcomes instantly. Specifically, AMI

  • Recognizes the development environment used to build the app, the frameworks and methods inside the app as well as the resources available to the app and more.
  • Decides what’s needed to complete the requested implementation, selecting from thousands of small code sets called Micro Service Adapters built into the Appdome architecture.
  • Builds and implements the unique code sets needed to add the specific user-requested services to each given mobile app.

AMI completes mobile integration projects faster and with greater certainty than any other option. We’re certain that AMI, our digital developer, will become a key part of your mobile development and/or mobility team.

AMI is live on Appdome today. Create your Appdome account today to see AI in mobile development in action.

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