Appdome BlackBerry Partnership. One Tiny Step for Appdome, One Giant Step for Mobile-Kind


By now, you’ve seen the news about the Appdome BlackBerry Partnership. The folks over there are simply awesome. How else can you explain the decision to embrace a new and alternative approach to connecting the Good Dynamics platform, to their customer’s enterprise apps?

Thought leaders? Yes. Forward thinking? Absolutely.

Customers using Fusion can now deploy Good’s SDK functionality within minutes. Administrators are then able to manage and modify existing features directly from the Good Control management console. All of the key app features needed are there: app provisioning, app and device management, secure communication, secure storage, compliance, policies, rooted and jailbroken detection, wipe and lock.

We applaud BlackBerry’s commitment to put customers first. Everyone in mobile knows that app wrapping is outdated. For BlackBerry taking a step toward an improved solution is visionary. That class of bravery is what we need (and what our customers need) in mobile. We’re having a blast working with the team over there and look forward to meeting you, current and potential customers of BlackBerry. When the future calls, pick up the phone. The Appdome BlackBerry partnership won’t disappoint you.

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