Meet the New Appdome. A Great Company Just Got Better

We are so excited. Last week, we brought the entire Appdome team from the US and Israel to our Tel Aviv HQ and agreed to embark on this incredible journey together.  Our goal is to change the way mobile apps are developed and deployed in the enterprise.

I’ll be honest, we’re geeks, so not everyone is going to understand Appdome’s new mission.  But, if you’ve ever developed or deployed a mobile app inside an enterprise, you know…it isn’t easy.

1234Today, to make any app work inside an enterprise you need to integrate that app with a myriad of services. Gartner estimates that 70% of the development dollars needed for a project inside an enterprise are spent on integration, not building the app.  So, we’re setting out to solve a really big problem. Right now, we’re working hard to get our platform ready for mobile developers and app owners.

Rather than keeping our core platform hidden beneath our security solutions, we want to let everyone take advantage of Fusion and apply it to all sorts of integration challenges.  We’ll be releasing v1.0 of our Appdome platform very soon.  Stay tuned for more news on our progress!  We appreciate all your support.

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