Enterprise Mobility Control – Extend existing UEM-EMM to All Apps and Frameworks

Enterprise Mobility Strategy

The challenge that enterprise organizations, large and small, face with their enterprise mobility strategy is huge. Different development frameworks, features, and services built inside the app “don’t play well” with mobile app and device management. Latency-sensitive services like VoIP and messaging, emerging service frameworks, background intensive functions, push notifications and more are often in conflict with EMM SDKs. Client specific demands, particularly in regulated industries, require expanded use cases like data minimization and added protections that are key to an enterprise mobility strategy. A growing number of enterprise organizations also desire connections between the mobile apps they deploy and the productivity ecosystems provided by the EMM, such as secure browsing, email and document sharing.  Who codes this to each app? And, as importantly, who ensures a consistent implementation across Apps?

Appdome Mobility Controls Bridges The Gaps

Appdome Enterprise Mobility Control is our proprietary no-code feature set that bridges the gaps between EMM systems and apps. The suite is for many of our customers the missing link in making their Enterprise Mobility strategy a reality. The service delivers features and options to overcome these gaps and enables all apps to function seamlessly inside EMM, including authentication, container and the EMM vendor’s tunnel. Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside Appdome Mobility Suite.

  • Method & Protocol Bridging. Today’s modern apps come built with many protocols, frameworks and methods that are not supported by EMMs out of the box. Appdome provides a number of extensions to bridge the gap between apps and their EMM SDK counterparts. Supported extensions include IPv6 to IPv4 Tunneling, WKWebview, Inbound Port Multiplexing, support for legacy background/push (pre-iOS 9 apps), Jailbreak/Root prevention by Appdome, copy & paste prevention by Appdome and more.
  • EMM Pre-Authentication (EMM Specific SSO). Apps typically handle user authentication via a standard username and password provided by app vendors. For apps residing “inside” an EMM, users have to authenticate twice – EMM and the app, in each case using different usernames and passwords. Appdome’s Pre-Authentication now allows a Fused app to trust an EMM‘s authentication so that they can automatically sign users into the app once they are correctly signed into the EMM. EMM Pre-Authentication support protocols such as Kerberos, Kerberos Constrained Delegation (KCD), SAML and OAuth.
  • MicroVPN by Appdome™. MicroVPN by Appdome allows organizations to securely tunnel an app’s connections using SSL/TLS with best-practice parameters for security directly to their existing VPN infrastructure. MicroVPN by Appdome provides true enterprise grade features including Client Pinning, Route-to-Hosts designations, Server Validation (SSL/TLS trust chain), Session Hardening, and Strict Protocol Checking to prevent an app from connecting to unsecure servers.
  • Walled Garden Features. Privacy and data protection minded organizations will enjoy the Appdome walled garden features for mobile apps because they ensure data minimization and digital privacy on BYOD and managed devices. Appdome allows organizations to prohibit local contacts (disable app access to local contacts), prohibit local calendar (disable app access to local calendar), enable In-App Calls Only (no native dialer access), enable In-App Messages Only(allow in app, messaging and texts only) as well as other features that go beyond the feature set available in most EMMs.
  • Remote and Managed Configurations. Apps live in dynamic environments that can change. Many organizations want to push policy configurations via their EMM or via AppConfig to Android and iOS apps remotely, using the EMM console of choice. Appdome allows organizations to create apps that accept remote configuration remotely via the EMM or AppConfig, including network, certificate, key-value pairs, etc.

Bottom line, if you have a tough enterprise mobility strategy challenge between an Android or iOS app and your chosen EMM, give Appdome Mobility Suite a try or download the datasheet. Today, the service bridges the gaps between 1000s of apps and major EMM systems around the world.

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