Appdome Welcomes 1st MAM Solution SDK to No-Code Mobile Integration


2016 has been an exciting year for Appdome! We officially launched our new Appdome platform in October. Now, I am very pleased to announce the expansion of our mobile app integration platform to include Mobile Application Management (MAM), a new sub-category in our existing Management offerings.

Appaloosa enables enterprises to deploy mobile apps to employees and partners with a clear separation between work and personal environments on the same device, all the while preserving a delightful user experience. Appaloosa will utilize the Appdome platform to transform the way mobile professionals implement MAM, reducing the complexity and accelerating deployments for a wide range of mobile enterprise customers. The Appaloosa SDK can now be implemented from the Appdome platform using Fusion. Fusion automates mobile app integration by enabling anyone in an organization to implement mobile services and 3rd party SDKs with existing apps, without any coding or access to source code.

Because Appdome’s Fusion technology is codeless, you don’t need to be an app developer or write a single line of code to complete integrations.  All you need to integrate the Appaloosa (MAM) SDK are:

Our goal is to bring more CHOICE, more CONTROL, and more CONVENIENCE to our users.  Stay tuned for more from Appdome!

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