Is Mobile an Attack Vector? You Better Believe It Is.


Not long ago, a very bright security professional told me that mobile isn’t an attack vector. Now, one of the world’s most iconic brands gets hit by a mobile-based attack? It’s time to take notice.

According to Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, the latest malicious “Trojan Horse” software, named Gooligan, was found in 86 fraudulent apps. That software has been infecting mobile devices at an alarming rate, about 13,000 Android devices a day.  Gooligan disguised itself as legitimate apps for Android smartphones and tablets and has seized control of more than one million Google accounts since August. Using innocent-sounding names like StopWatch, Perfect Cleaner and WiFi Enhancer, the Gooligan apps exploited known flaws in the older versions of the Android OS. Once a device allows a Gooligan app to access it, it will take control of the device and install other apps and ad-spewing software without the user’s permission. Some Gooligan apps also have the ability to post fake reviews using the victim’s user name and password.  If you are interested in learning more, read: Over One Million Google Accounts Hit by Malicious Android Apps.

The Good News

Our mobile security suite literally has the best practice implementations across several categories – App Shielding, Obfuscation, Encryption, Cryptography, Jailbreak/Root Prevention, MiTM Prevention, Data Loss Prevention/Mobile Privacy and more. You can add functionality like Anti-tampering, Data Loss Prevention and other advanced security measures to your apps to protect your organization, users, and data. By reducing the cost and implementation barrier to mobile app security, we make that goal a reality.

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