Holidays, Team USA and Smiles Abound

Team USA took time out of the hectic journey to change the way people implement 3rd party services to apps to enjoy the holidays and welcome our newest member, Giovanni to the team!  We had a blast meeting each other’s significant other, telling stories and more. It was a great time!

Appdome-Holiday-Event.pngWe’re so lucky to have brought together such warm, good-hearted, intelligent teammates. Everyone is excited to be at Appdome and to working with our users, mobile teams, app makers, publishers, partners alike in the coming year. It’s so very encouraging to see 1000s of Fusions, across 100s of enterprise customers happening on the Appdome platform. Right before our eyes, talented mobile professionals are choosing Fusion as the path of choice to deploy integrated mobile experiences to their users.

We are so excited for the new year!  Our best for an amazing 2017, for everyone, the mobile industry, our users and theirs.  Thank you!!

Happy new year,


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