Mobile App Developers Love Appdome-DEV

8 Reasons Mobile App Developers Love Appdome-DEV

Mobile app developers love coding 3rd party SDKs and APIs into their apps

– said no app developer, ever

If you’re a mobile app developer and you can’t wait to automate the integration of SDKs and APIs into your mobile apps, then Appdome is for you.
Appdome lets you integrate any SDK or API to any Android or iOS app in minutes, without coding. Appdome-DEV is a fully automated, mobile app enhancement lifecycle tool to simplify mobile integration for mobile developers like you.

8 Reasons Mobile App Developers Love Appdome-DEV

#1 – CI/CD Integration

Mobile App Developers Love Appdome-DEV

Built from the ground up to support high productivity, agile, development environments, Appdome-DEV eliminates the complexity of adding 3rd party mobile services and mobile features to apps. You can integrate Appdome-DEV into your development cycles in 3 simple steps:
  1. Create and approve your mobile integration template (this lists all the mobile SDKs and APIs you want to add to your app).
  2. Enable API access to your approved integration template.
  3. Integrate with your CI/CD system and automatically add the mobile SDKs and APIs to your app, build-by build, release by release.
In addition to Jenkins, Appdome-DEV integrates with all CI/CD tools including, GitLab CI, TeamCity, Travis CI, Bamboo, CircleCI, Codeship, Codefresh, and others. Read the Appdome-DEV KB article to learn more.

#2 – Appdome-DEV APIs

Appdome-DEV provides a collection of APIs that connect all key steps in Appdome’s no-code security process, such as Build, Fuse, Sign, Publish and Fusion Notify, to CI/CD automation systems (such as Jenkins and GitLab CI). This allows development teams to integrate one or more Appdome processes into existing workflows without impact. With Appdome-DEV APIs, developers can choose to rely on Appdome for security features only and/or extend use of Appdome for automatic signing and publishing of Android and iOS apps to any public app stores or private app stores.

#3 – Fusion Sets, Re-Usable Mobile Integration Templates

At the center of Appdome-DEV are re-usable mobile integration templates. These templates, known as Fusion Sets, allow you to define each step in the mobile integration workflow, including integration choices, app configuration and branding, app signing, and deployment.

Your Fusion Set comes with an API Key that you will need to complete the integration with your CI/CD build system.

Another benefit is Flex-Release™  aka Shareable Security Projects. With Flex-Release, key members of the DevOps team can test and determine the correct integrations and approve Fusion Sets and/or Fused Apps, before sharing them with a different production team. Once in production, that Fusion Set is fully integrated in the automatic build system, without impacting the workload for the production DevOps team. Build-by-build, the organization can guarantee that the required third-party services are integrated into the app.
Watch the 1-min video or read the KB articles on mobile integration templates and sharing fusion sets for more information. 

#4 – Release Teams and Release Team Management

Development teams have Project Managers and DevOps team leads who assign specific development responsibilities to specific experts. This structured collaboration is essential for an effective CI/CD workflow. With Appdome Release Teams you can extend structured collaboration to the Appdome workflow.
Appdome supports two entitlement models for Release Teams: Collaborate and Manage.
  • Collaborate allows release team members to claim and assign responsibilities in an open flexible system of entitlements. This collaborative workflow empowers diverse functional areas to perform the work needed to release an app.
  • Manage allows a team leader to assign entitlements to different release team members, according to their expertise for the different steps in the mobile integration workflow.
For example, app-signing entitlements can be given to team members who are not part of the development organization. Manage also allows approvals of mobile integration and publication. Organizations can use different models for testing and production to improve mobile app delivery.
Read the KB article on how to create Appdome Release Teams for more information.

#5 – Appdome Threat Events

Mobile App Developers Love Appdome-DEV

Appdome’s Threat Events framework lets developers code unique app outcomes based on the security event triggered by Appdome. Threat Events offers the full-range mobile defense and threat events for each security feature on Appdome such as jailbreak and rooting, MitM attacks, tampering, debugging, emulators, simulators.
Threat Events use industry-standard notification methods to pass events between the Appdome layer to the app, informing the app any time a malicious event occurs against or in respect of the Appdome protected app. These notifications can be used inside apps to alter the behavior of an app when a threat event occurs, such as closing the app, disabling functionality in the app, scoring the threat and/or using the event in external threat management systems.
And you can do this for any event that occurs in your app. The possibilities are infinite and only limited by your imagination! (But as my mom would say, don’t overdo it!)

#6 – Sign-Right™ App Signing

Appdome offers the mobile industry’s first automatic secure app signing and sign verification service. It automates the app signing process and ensures that secured apps are signed correctly, thus eliminating common signing errors that plague manual mobile integration projects.

#7 – Auto Deploy to Public and Private App Stores

With Appdome-DEV APIs, developers can choose to rely on Appdome for security features only and/or extend use of Appdome for automatic signing and publishing of Android and iOS apps to any public (Apple Appstore and Google Play Store) and private app stores (such as Microsoft Intune, and VMware Workspace ONE).

#8 – Appdome-DEV PLUS

Appdome-DEV PLUS is an enhanced offering that lets customers meet the requirements of high-volume and/or multi-app rollouts.
  • For pre-release testing and verification, Appdome-DEV PLUS provides Appdome Certified Release™, a dedicated Appdome release team that conducts pre-release app security and workflow testing, and enhanced response times.
  • For high-volume production deployments, Appdome-DEV PLUS also provides Appdome’s API Enterprise Suite, to scale up simultaneous security builds across 100s or 1000s of mobile apps.
  • Customers requiring support for older mobile OSs or device list, can also purchase Appdome-DEV PLUS Extended Support.
These powerful options ensure that high-volume release schedules will be achieved consistently with the highest level of security.

For More Information on Why Mobile App Developers Love Appdome-DEV

Read the Appdome-DEV datasheet or start your Appdome trial today and see for yourself how Appdome can simplify and automate your mobile integration projects.

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