Blog Secure Byod That Also Protects Mobile User Privacy

Secure BYOD That Also Protects Mobile User Privacy

A growing number of enterprises that use BYOD programs are running into unexpected obstacles on the road to achieving total mobile data protection: Mobile User Privacy. Some users are implicitly circumventing the rules, while others are explicitly flaunting their rebellion. Either way, it’s become a major problem that enterprises need to solve. 

It’s not difficult to understand why organizations need a complete mobile data protection solution to prevent their valuable assets, sensitive information, and intellectual property from falling into the wrong hands. And when you consider the potentially catastrophic reputation damage and legal consequences that can arise from just a single breach, it’s even easier to grasp why a complete mobile data protection solution is mandatory; not optional.

The Real Issue: Mobile User Privacy

So, what’s behind this lack of user buy-in? On the surface, it may seem like an enforcement issue. That is, enterprises may believe that the only way to implement their BYOD program policy is by clamping down even harder on “rule-breakers” and investing more money in monitoring tools and network security staff. However, a deeper look reveals that the real issue isn’t about enforcement after all. It’s about mobile user privacy.

Many BYOD program policies grant enterprises an unprecedented degree of access and monitoring rights. And while some CISOs and other security professionals may view this trade-off between a user’s expectation of privacy and the enterprise’s need for security as a “necessary evil” – and there can be some truth in this – the reality is that mobile users aren’t accepting the deal.

Indeed, as pointed out by, many users resent what they consider unreasonable BYOD program policies, which they feel violates their privacy. And users don’t trust IT department to access their personal devices, let alone remotely manage or “wipe” them. And this mistrust isn’t limited to IT departments either – it’s weakening the fabric of the critical employer-employee bond. A recent Aruba Networks survey revealed that 45% of BYOD users in the US are worried about their employer having access to their personal data, while 66% fear losing personal data to their employer. On top of this, the emergence of regulations like GDPR have made mobile user privacy even more important consideration in BYOD programs.

Balancing User Privacy with Enterprise Security

Worst of all, this festering mistrust and growing disconnect between what enterprises are trying to achieve and what users are willing to tolerate can have negative security implications, especially if the outcome is to allow devices and apps onto the corporate network without any protection at all. That which exposes enterprises to an array of potential threats and costly consequences.

In light of this, enterprises are faced with what seems like an intractable dilemma: on the one hand, they need a comprehensive mobile data protection solution in place; especially if they’re governed by a growing body of regulation and legislation that demands rather than recommends such a solution. And on the other hand, mobile users are unwilling to give up sacrifice their freedom and privacy.

Fortunately, Appdome has solved these problems with our no-code Zero Management Security.

No-Code Mobile User Privacy with Zero Management Security

Appdome Zero Management Security is a mobile enterprise security solution that doesn’t require device management,  app management or management profiles of any sort. Deploy secure mobile apps apps to employees’ BYOD devices without UEM, EMM or MAM, device enrollment or management profiles. With Zero Management Security, employees don’t sacrifice privacy or lose control over their personal smartphones and tablets and the enterprise gets all the mobile app security it needs. Appdome’s technology enables users to retain full native mobile device experience without sacrificing their right to privacy. And since their personal data is not controlled or monitored, they can work with corporate and personal data on the same device — which boosts productivity and performance.

At the same time, Appdome gives enterprises full and complete control of corporate data, and scales easily and cost-effectively to cover all users, apps, devices and workflows. It also features complete compliance and audit capabilities to enhance protection, and just as importantly, fortify vulnerabilities before they’re breached – not after.

Discover how your enterprise can achieve comprehensive mobile app and data security, and mobile user privacy, instead of one or the other. Download our free e-guide on Mobile Apps in the Digital Workplace.


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