Mobility at the Healthcare IT Summit


We’ve just returned from Healthcare Summit IT in Los Angeles where the AppDome team met and connected with many talented healthcare IT leaders. The premier summit was a great way to share and learn about all of the innovation that is taking place in the healthcare industry. With that in mind, I wanted to share some of my key takeaways:

1. Native user experience is essential to healthcare providers

While networking with the summit attendees, I learned that healthcare CIO’s are dealing with an essential demand by healthcare providers to work with their own devices and retain a native user experience including access to native mail and native market apps. Doctors and nurses have a top priority to provide patient care. Therefore healthcare IT must provide doctors with the easiest and most comfortable way to interact with medical data on mobile devices while still adhering to security and compliance policies.

2. Compliance is a top concern for the healthcare industry.

With an increase in mobile access to sensitive data, security and compliance quickly rise as a top concern for healthcare CIO’S. With HIPAA breaches increasing exponentially, it is essential to protect Personal Healthcare Information and remain HIPAA compliant when working with mobile devices.

3. The healthcare industry has its own set of challenges

With cutting edge technologies, security, patient empowerment and business processes, healthcare CIO’s have a lot on their plate. I see this as a great opportunity for innovative processes and solutions such as Appdome that reduce excessive overhead and management of the mobile workforce and multiple security applications. After talking with many of the CIO’s I can say that all of them would like to have one solution that promotes mobile productivity and manages secure access to data while protecting information and applications.

And of course the icing on the cake (besides spending time with such great healthcare IT leaders) was that we took home a great award. Appdome is the proud winner of Best Mobility Solution!

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