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New Appdome Research: The 2019 Ultimate Guide to Mobile Apps in the Digital Workplace

Appdome has released our 2019 Guide to Mobile Apps in the Digital Workplace!

This research project culminates the work of thousands of interactions with customers, prospects, app customizations and builds on Appdome. Based on that work, the Appdome team identifies the main themes of customer use cases and strategies.

From there, we look to the industry, using conversations with industry research analysts and other experts in the field to narrow the list to 25, 10 and ultimately the 5 top trends. It’s quite an experience.

Two themes dominate this year’s report.

  • The impact of digital natives and how they’re accelerating mobile inside the enterprise.
  • The use of SSO and mobile security technologies to broaden the audience of internal app deployments.

These trends really go hand in hand. Net-net, Millennials and Gen Z employees are driving the trend. Mobile leaders for apps inside the enterprise need to get with the program to meet the mobile requirement for these employees.

According to the Pew Research Center, millennials are important not only because they make up the majority of today’s workforce, but also because they have revolutionized the way we work. Generation Z are the ultimate technology natives. Like no previous generation, millennials are mobile and they challenge the traditional top-down structure of companies.

According to a Future of Work study, developments show that employee mobile apps are going to be the driving force in workplace communication tools in the next three years. 58% of technology companies are implementing mobile apps, for bridging the gap between non-desk and desk-bound workforces with a device that is unquestionably the young generation’s lifeblood: the smartphone.

What we discovered is that many organizations are aggressively solving for this challenge. Their approach: supplement broad app deployments with app-level security and SSO.

According to a report by CSO Online, authentication must also be easy for users to perform, it must be easy for IT to deploy, and above all it must be secure. This accounts for why mobile devices are “becoming the center of user authentication.”

Some customers are saying good-bye to management profiles and instead going management-less. It’s very intriguing and only one of the 5 trends we discuss in the 2019 eGuide. Get yours here.

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