No-Code Mobile Integration for ISVs: Key Benefits

Dev-Shops.pngAs you know from my last post, Appdome for App Publishers is a new service for ISVs on  Appdome, designed to support the growing need to integrate mobility solutions with commercially available apps. Thanks to those of you that have contacted us about this amazing new service.  For the benefit of everyone, I thought I’d share some of the incredible benefits others have shared with me.

Democratize Mobile App Integration
One of the most compelling value propositions is that enterprise customers can create fully integrated mobile experiences all on their own, in minutes. This new freedom not only reduces the risk of purchasing an EMM but also eliminates the project and deployment risks. Customers can literally see an app being “fused” to a mobile service SDK, making mobile service purchases easier and the benefits more easily quantifiable. Appdome also allows anyone to complete the integration, allowing enterprise organizations to ignite “citizen developers” and “citizen integrators” from within their mobile teams.

Reduce Cost
App publishers who build apps for the enterprise and independent software vendors (ISVs) can now avoid substantial costs and the sunk product, development, and support costs that often accompany the manual implementation of SDKS. By avoiding third party SDK implementations altogether, app publishers and ISVs can also avoid indirect costs associated with team distraction, feature de-prioritization and wasted development efforts – tied to conflicting implementation models required to support multiple SDKs from different vendors.

Improved ROI
By eliminating the work, management and maintenance associated with manually implementing a growing number and complexity of the third party SDKs (on behalf of customers), Appdome for App Publishers saves enterprise app publishers and ISVs’ mobile development resources, time and avoids the operational and opportunity costs they face daily.

With our Fusion technology, the SDK implementation effort can be completed by enterprise customers in a matter of minutes, without coding and without access to the source code. Enterprise app publishers and ISVs enjoy greater resource availability and attention, all of which can now be devoted to addressing the features and enhancements demanded by customers.

Doesn’t Appdome for App Publishers sound promising? Interested in joining the new App Publishers Service? contact us today.

Look out for my next blog to learn the benefits enterprise customers will reap from our new service.

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