Appdome’s App Publishers Make Life Easy for ISVs!

Appdome-for-App-Publishers-1.pngWe recently announced our new Appdome for App Publishers Service. It is worth noting that the apps listed in the App Publishers Service are best of the breed and are displayed in a private catalog on the Appdome platform.  This makes the apps easily accessible and available for integration to any enterprise customer on the Appdome platform.

In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that one of the objectives of the App Publishers Service is to improve the business reach and usefulness of commercial apps built for the enterprise, allowing independent software vendors (ISVs) to spend less time implementing third party features and SDKs, and more time building better and richer versions of their apps. Another objective pertaining to enterprise customers is to allow them to enjoy choice-driven integrations, faster, more agile and complete implementations of SDK functionality, across a wider variety of apps.

Choice, Control, and Convenience for the Enterprise

The App Publishers Service delivers the “Three Cs” (choice, control, and convenience) to enterprise customers by allowing them to responsibly combine any mobile feature or SDK available on the Appdome Platform with their app of choice in a single click.

Accelerated Mobile Strategies

Empowering customers with their mobile strategies by speeding execution time, meeting compliance, and aligning organizational and operational mobile directives. The App Publishers Service streamlines mobile feature and SDK implementations so that the mobile demands of the modern enterprise can all be realized in a click.

Just take the Jive app, for instance, enterprise customers on the Appdome platform can now access the latest Jive app binary and fuse it with the SDK of their choice. No need to ask IT or engineering team what’s or where to get the latest app, etc.  Appdome users can fuse the Jive app with an SDK anytime they want and with just a few click.

To become an Appdome user, sign up for an account today! It’s free!

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