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Appdome - SaaS Workspace
First mobile integration platform in the cloud

Meet the new way to automate mobile integration projects. Appdome's SaaS-based cloud workspace is intuitive and easy to use. Mobile developers, mobility professionals, and mobile solution vendors get:

  • private workspace with unlimited app upload and storage
  • productivity tools that make mobile integration easier
  • dashboard and reporting to keep and track all fused apps
  • the App Publisher (ISV) Catalog for “one-click” integration 
  • access to Appdome's AppFusion technology

Appdome - Stateful Workflow
Keep track of mobile integration work

A stateful workflow offers operational visibility and greater flexibility in completing mobile integration projects. A single user can complete multiple mobile integration projects in parallel and never lose a step:

  • click-to-progress mobile integration work
  • save, combine and reuse mobile integration templates
  • collaboration and accountability for mobile integration teams
  • simplified service selections accessible by all professionals

Appdome - Mobile SDKs
Faster implementation of mobile service SDKs

Integrating mobile service SDKs used to be challenging and time-consuming. With AppFusion, it's not. AppFusion allows anyone to implement the full functionality of an SDK to an app binary with:

  • pick-list of growing range of mobile SDKs
  • service choice through multiple service categories
  • greater control over SDK implementations
  • no change to apps or SDKs to use AppFusion

Appdome - AppFusion
Technology that does the coding for you

With AppFusion, adding services to mobile apps has never been faster or easier. Complex mobile services and SDKs can be implemented to mobile app binaries by anyone, in minutes.

  • codeless, cloud platform to perform mobile integration
  • empowers enterprise customers to implement SDKs
  • reduces burden on developers and ISV app providers
  • supports mobile developers and the mobile economy

Read our datasheet to understand how AppFusion differentiates from App Wrapping.

Appdome - Integration Tools
Create best practice mobile integrations

Appdome features mobile integration tools that make mobile integration easier. These tools allow the mobile enterprise and mobile developers to create, save and apply best practice implementations across apps:

  • private AppLibrary with unlimited storage for all users
  • create unique Fusion Sets for different organizational goals 
  • productivity tools like FusionBLAST and FusionGRAVITY
  • collaboration and delegation tools for mobile teams

Source Code Integration and AppFusion Compared
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Add comprehensive mobile security
Choose from a comprehensive list of mobile app security features or add a complete best practice mobile security suite to your mobile apps for FREE FOREVER. Ok, Appdome - What do I get?
Appdome - Add comprehensive mobile security for FREE FOREVER
Appdome - Implement SDKs to apps without code or coding
Implement mobile SDKs to apps without coding
Use Appdome's automated no-code required system to add any mobile SDK to your app in minutes
Get more mobile integration projects done faster
Allow anyone to complete mobile integration projects, so developers can maximize time building great apps
Appdome - Get more mobile integration projects done faster

Easy to use mobile integration that works

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