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Appdome's patented Fusion technology speeds mobile service integration and SDK implementations without code or coding. Appdome provides users with the mobile industry's first high productivity platform for mobile integration!
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SaaS platform for Mobile Integration

Appdome is the new way to complete mobile integration projects fast. Our SaaS-based, cloud workspace is intuitive and easy to use. On Appdome, everyone gets:

  • one-click integration using Appdome's patented Fusion technology
  • private cloud workspace to save and store work
  • unlimited app upload and storage
  • productivity tools that make mobile integration easier
  • dashboard and reporting to keep and track all fused apps

Mobile integration in 5 minutes or less

Appdome's stateful workflow offers operational agility and greater visibility in completing mobile integration projects. A single user can complete multiple mobile integration projects in parallel and never lose a step:

  • complete mobile integration work in minutes
  • save, combine, and reuse mobile integration templates
  • collaboration and accountability for mobile integration teams
  • simplified service choice, empowering all mobile professionals

Add AppConfig to apps in seconds

Appdome has joined the AppConfig revolution to aid in its mission to streamline the adoption and deployment of mobile enterprise apps! Appdome for AppConfig helps to dramatically advance the business reach and usefulness of commercial apps built for the enterprise. 

  • Accelerate and ease the adoption of AppConfig Standards for ISVs
  • Eliminate development burden to implement AppConfig standards
  • Eliminate development burden to maintain AppConfig standards
  • Empower the evolution of AppConfig standards

Read the Appdome for AppConfig press release
Download the Appdome for AppConfig data sheet
Download the Appdome for AppConfig Technical Capabilities

Learn more about the AppConfig Community

Click to integrate mobile SDKs

Integrating mobile SDKs used to be challenging and time-consuming for everyone. With Appdome, it's not. Appdome allows anyone to implement the full functionality of an SDK to nothing more than an app binary. On Appdome, enjoy:

  • growing range of mobile SDKs across industries
  • SDK vendor choice through multiple partners
  • greater control over SDK implementations
  • no change to apps - no code or coding required
  • no change to SDKs 

Technology that does the coding for you

Appdome's patented technology called Fusion cadds multiple services to apps automatically, on demand by users of our platform. With Fusion, mobile integration has never been faster or easier. Complex mobile services and SDKs can be implemented to mobile app binaries by anyone, in minutes. Benefits of Fusion include:

  • multi-service, on-demand mobile integration
  • no code, coding or development required
  • customers can select and implement SDKs of choice
  • developers and ISVs don't need to implement SDKs for customers
  • supports mobile developers and the mobile economy


Best practice mobile integration every time

Appdome features mobile integration tools that make mobile integration easier. These tools allow the mobile enterprise and mobile developers to create, save, and apply best practice implementations across apps:

  • private App Library with unlimited storage for all users
  • create unique Fusion Sets for different organizational goals 
  • productivity tools like FusionBLAST and FusionGRAVITY
  • collaboration and delegation tools for mobile teams

Want to add AppConfig to your app in 20 seconds without code or coding?

Learn how Appdome makes it possible! Get the datasheet on Appdome for AppConfig to learn more.

Top three reasons to choose Appdome

Add mobile security to apps for FREE

Choose from a comprehensive list of mobile app security features or add a complete best practice mobile security suite to your mobile apps for FREE, FOREVER.
Appdome | Add mobile security to apps for FREE
Appdome | Implement mobile SDKs or APIs without coding

Implement mobile SDKs or APIs without coding

That's right, no code, coding, development, snippet, hook, don't need to add anything or create anything for your app to work with Appdome or use Appdome to implement the full functionality of a SDK to your app.

Finish mobile integration projects faster

Developers love Appdome. Appdome lets developers maximize their time building great apps. In fact, you don't need to be a developer to use Appdome. Appdome automates mobile app integration to make mobile integration easy. Literally, anyone can add mobile SDKs to apps in minutes.
Appdome | Finish mobile integration projects faster

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