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EMM and MAM SDK Integration Made Easy

A big customer comes calling. The company is interested in deploying your app to its entire global teams. Yay! But there’s a catch.  They need you to integrate the app with their secure (EMM SDK) environment. What do you do?  You are now faced with several decisions. How difficult is it to provide compatibility for this new secure environment? Do you have the expertise? Can you set up a test environment in-house? Does it make sense financially for you to do this? Can it be done on time? And on, and on.….

What if I tell you that you could just do away with all these questions and decisions? What if you could just make it happen? And at no cost (FREE). And, what if I told you it could all just happen in seconds. Well, it can.

With Appdome’s new App Publishers Service, app developers can easily make their apps available for integration using Fusion – Appdome’s proprietary mobile integration technology. Your customers can implement the EMM SDK of choice, “fusing” the mobile SDK of their choice to your app quickly, easily and without any code or coding. Here is a short animated video that explains the new service.

Once your app in on the Appdome service, your customers are 4-clicks away to the full integration of any SDK to your mobile app. Your customers simply:

  • Click 1: Select your app from Appdome’s App Publisher Service Catalog.
  • Click 2: Select the mobile SDK to integrate to the app.
  • Click 3: Click “Fuse my App”, telling Appdome to integrate the EMM SDK to the app.
  • Click 4: Download the resulting ready-to-go app for testing, POC or deployment.

Other app publishers like Jive, Notate,, Thycotic and more are currently publishing their apps with the Appdome’s App Publisher Service. Appdome supports the most popular EMMs like BlackBerry Dynamics or AirWatch and others.

Still in doubt? Sign up for Appdome’s App Publishers Service and give it a spin or give me shout at and I will show you what the future of SDK integration looks like.

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