Appdome Integrates App Chooses Appdome to Integrate a Mobile SDKs to its Apps!

Do you want to deliver new mobile or enterprise features in your mobile applications quickly and efficiently?  Just ask a leading ISV,, how to accomplish this easily using Fusion!

Enterprise customers trust to:

  • Find and Author Documents/Items – Find SharePoint documents/items by performing a search, browse, sort, or ‘go to location’ operation. Author documents and perform check-in and check-out.
  • Save SharePoint Document Libraries, Folders, Lists, Documents, and Items Offline.
  • Share SharePoint Documents/Items with Colleagues.
  • Search for People – Find people in SharePoint by entering the department, skills, expertise and other keywords.

As a seasoned developer of mobility solutions, knows that integrating EMM and MDM SDK features takes a lot of work.Enterprise mobility features are the mobile app developer’s arms race. It’s never ending. Never stopping. Always taking more and more resources away from the core app development efforts. Getting out of this arms race is why they chose to join the Appdome for App Publishers

We are thrilled to welcome to our growing community of ISVs. Our mobile integration technology (we call it fusion) frees developer time. Now, scarce development resources can do what they do best – build great apps (not integrations)! Being part of our App Publishers Service means can now focus more of their development effort on providing the best suite of tools to enable SharePoint and Office 365 work flows, and less time and effort on implementing enterprise mobility., like other app publishers, understands the many advantages of Appdome for App Publishers:

  • No cost (FREE). Extend membership for app developers that make their apps available for integration on our service.
  • No mobile SDK integration. No customer environment requirements. No POC management. By having customers manage the integration (fusion) and trial process themselves, app publishers can focus their resources on building new features (that customers want) in their apps.
  • Better customer experience. Customers select the app, one click. They select their required EMM functionality (e.g.BlackBerry Dynamics, AirWatch, etc.), another click. They integrate the selected SDK with the app, one more click. They download the fully integrated app and start testing, fourth and last click. Four clicks and a few minutes. That is all!
  • No dedicated resources for mobile development required. No need to dedicate engineering/QA resources to secure and stand up servers for the environment.
  • Free exposure to our growing list of users and customers, many in the Fortune 500.

If you are an app publisher, commercial app maker or just like talking shop about mobile app integration, drop me a line at  Until then, you can learn more about the  App Publishers Service by reading the data sheet or FAQ.  Or, better yet, join the fusion revolution and let your customers integrate SDKs to your apps too!


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