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Supporting BYOD with App Level Management Strategies is Taking Off

Bring your own device (BYOD) might seem like old news now. But the conflict between IT and employees (that arises from BYOD) remains.  IT must keep enterprise data safe from cyber threats and ensure corporate compliance while employees want to stay productive and safeguard their privacy with their preferred (native) apps. This battle between IT and employees is ongoing, with no clear victory or winner in sight.

One way that enterprises have attempted to resolve this conflict is by allowing access to corporate approved mobile apps. This works for IT because they can better manage, control and update apps. In addition, they can now track and control activity from the apps and prevent data leakage. CEOs and CFOs support this strategy as corporate approved apps are cheaper to manage across devices. Unfortunately, this does not satisfy employees who want to use their preferred (native) apps.

In addition, employees dislike having only a limited selection of mobile apps to choose from. They want easy access to third-party native apps that they’ve been using or are familiar with, especially if they know of friends and peers using the same apps in their workplaces. Restricting these apps are perceived as unreasonable — which explains why many employees will not hesitate to ignore policies and bypass barriers that limit the way they use their mobile devices.

So, is there a practical, enforceable solution that can satisfy both parties? The answer, fortunately, is YES! The Appdome platform is the underlying solution. Appdome’s Fusion technology automates the process of integrating features, services, or full SDKs with mobile apps so that those apps can be deployed in enterprise environments. What this means is that apps (corporate or native) can easily be integrated with security, EMM, MAM services, etc. even in an BYOD environment so that IT gets all the control they want with the apps while employees get to use their apps of choice.

What’s more? Appdome’s Mobile Security Suite, allows companies to secure apps by including features like data at rest encryption, secure data container, anti-tampering, etc. It is important to note that while security features are integrated into apps, Fusion does not diminish or change the app’s user experience or capability. It also does not encroach upon any employee’s privacy or force him/her to share access to their confidential data.

The Appdome platform creates a win-win situation for IT and employees when it comes to BYOD as they can both effectively fulfill their objectives at the same time: IT keeps the enterprise safe and compliant, and employees remain productive while guarding their privacy. Now, doesn’t all that sounds good?

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