Appdome @ the U.K. BlackBerry Developer Conference

…more exciting things to come from us and BlackBerry

We love attending the BlackBerry Developer Conferences! We get to meet real developers, who use Appdome to implement the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK every day. And, we get to meet the product leaders @ Blackberry.

You’ve likely seen the advanced feature set for BlackBerry Dynamics we released earlier this year. At this conference, our emphasis was on finding even more ways to support enterprise users of BlackBerry services using Fusion, the proprietary technology we use to combine SDKs to apps. Great news – there’s lots we can still do to improve the choice, speed, and quality of integrated mobile experiences we can deliver with BlackBerry.

Virtually any place that has a mobile SDK, Appdome can improve the speed, consistency, and quality of mobile integrations. So, partnering with a strong technology partner like BlackBerry – one with a rich set of mobile SDKs – provides so many opportunities for us and our users.

In general (sorry, I don’t want to spoil the surprise), you can expect us to expand our multi-service integration capabilities. We want to allow Appdome users to combine more BlackBerry services to an app in a single click. We also want to allow Appdome users to combine BlackBerry and 3rd party mobile SDK services to apps on the Appdome platform. We also expect to look for ways to make enterprise deployment easier as well as bring on some of BlackBerry’s leading technology SDKs.

If you have any great ideas you want us to explore, send me an email at

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