Customize Workplace Apps by Changing Names, Versions, Icons and Config Files

Appdome makes it easy to customize workplace apps by changing names, versions, icons and config files. This allows DevSec teams to further empower enterprise endusers to customize the app experience of internally build as well as 3rd party apps, as part of every build event on the Appdome platform.

On Appdome, app customizations include:

  • Updating the app Bundle ID
  • App version
  • App display name
  • App icon
  • Adding app favicon
  • Config files that can be attached to an app

This works perfectly for enterprise customers that seek a custom experience for users, groups, and organizations inside the workplace.

Whether your organization develops apps or uses apps from app makers, you can now customize workplace apps in the Build part and in the Context part of the Appdome build workflow. Leveraging the Appdome platform does not require any specialized training or development experience– everything can be accomplished in a couple of clicks!

For app makers, you will be pleased to know that you don’t need to use xCode or Android Studio to make changes to an app. If you are asking, what is xCode? What is Android Studio? Then, you’ll be even happier.

How to Customize Workplace Apps on Appdome

There are 2 areas where you can customize workplace apps on Appdome.

1. In the Build part of the Appdome Workflow

This is where you can change the App Bundle ID and App Version number of the app. These changes are required by most UEM, EMM and MAM vendors.

Changing bundle ID and app version on Appdome

2. In the Context part of the Appdome Workflow

This is where you can change the App Display Name, Change the App Icon and add a Favicon to the app. These changes will visually indicate to your end-users that this app is an enterprise secured app.

Context is available to app builds on Appdome with an IDEAL + Appdome-GO or higher license.

Context from Appdome - Easy App Display Customization

For a detailed step-by-step explanation of App Customization, click here. If you have any questions, reach out to

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